Wanted Dead or Alive

Wanted Dead or Alive

National Sportswear ® Wants you!

national sportswear logo

Welcome to the “REAL” National Sportswear ®

Where everyone can WIN FREE T-SHIRTS and HOODIES
(valued between $24.95 and $249.95)
Just for joining our posse!


National Sportswear ® (Our Federal Trademark) and www.NationalSportswear.com (Our Domain name) both belong to National Sportswear Incorporated (that’s us) and are all part of our famous identity.

We worked hard to build it, and now we need a posse!
(That’s where you come in)

Now we’re on a famous roundup!
And the REWARDS are pretty darn sweet too!
So, if you believe in the old west and want a cool t-shirt.

Go find your old National Sportswear…

T-shirts, or pictures of t-shirt “with you in it” and send it to us!
Here’s an example of what we’re looking for.

Picture from 3/4/2000


national sportswear wanted poster

National Sportswear ® is offering FREE T-SHIRTS & SWEATSHIRTS valued between $24.95 and $249.95 each for the information that leads to the capture of your friends wearing National Sportswear t-shirts.

The better the pictures, the bigger the rewards!
Join our growing posse today and get outfitted with the coolest t-shirt, hoodies and other sportswear around for FREE!

Don’t worry boys and girls,
we ain’t gonna leave you high and dry…

Just think of this as your Great Easter Egg t-shirt Hunt!


We’re not going to leave you without the tools
you need to achieve your manhunt.

Here are all the tools to help you mount up!
Well, maybe not tools, but you would look cool in this!

Good Luck and have Fun!national sportswear founder and ceo
Duncan Benedict CEO
National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated

National Sportswear Logo


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