U2 T Shirt by National Sportswear

The Band U2 Utopia Concert in Dublin by National Sportswear ®

U2 T Shirt custom printed by National Sportswear Incorporated

U2 T shirt by National Sportswear Incorporated

U2 T Shirt by National Sportswear

This is t shirt was printed for U2 and the Utopia World Tour Concert.

Okay, okay so it’s not a perfect spitting image of the band.
But you do see some resemblance don’t you? 🙂

Silkscreen printed in four color process
in our specialty high resolution.

The back was a basic two color print in postscript showing the cities on tour.

Our high resolution process  silkscreen printing is second to none.
You will find out that nothing comes close in resolution, color brilliance and longevity!

Process screen printing is just one of our many five star services we provide to our VIP clients.
Completely developed and exclusively through National Sportswear Incorporated.

A special thank you to the Band for allowing us to show this super cool print!

So watch them on youtube! or buy their albums!

Artists are artist and watching or buying our stuff is all the thanks we need 🙂

So always remember this…

If it doesn’t say

Then it’s not
National Sportswear ®

We do everything in house!

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