Stained Glass Lion T Shirt by National Sportswear

Stained Glass Lion T Shirt by National Sportswear ®

Stained Glass Lion T Shirt custom printed by National Sportswear Incorporated

Stained Glass Lion T Shirt by National Sportswear

This Stained Glass Lion t shirt was printed on regular cotton
t shirts and is an excellent example of some of our abilities.

We printed this design for a customer about ten years ago.

And although many changes in this industry has taken place since then.
We “still” screen print for our customers.

Many people ask us why we don’t do direct to garment printing and our answer is always the same.
Direct to garment printing will “never” match the superiority of silkscreen printing.
Silkscreen inks are just longer lasting, they penetrate the material whereas direct to garment is simply an
ink jet printer that sprays a surface coat (a very thin surface coat at that)
And it cracks, peels and fades over a few washes.
Not our idea of quality.

We refuse to lower our standards.
Of course that’s just the artist in us 😉

So always remember this…

If it doesn’t say

Then it’s not
National Sportswear ®

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These are shirts we’ve printed for some of our clients.
Hopefully after you see who they are,
it will erase any doubts
you might have as to who we are.
National Sportswear ®

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