Custom Embroidery

Custom Embroidery Specials

We take pride in every job!

Custom embroidery by National Sportswear ® is without doubt
a cut above anything you might be used to.

Think your last embroidery was good?
That’s great, but you haven’t experienced the REAL thing.
At National Sportswear ® we use nothing but the best. We import our threads from Japan, our needles from Germany and other vital materials from other parts of the world. Only to assemble them here in one place in North Carolina to create the best embroidery in the nation.
Furthermore, we do all this at prices that could very well compete with China and other competitive nations.

Kiwi School custom embroidery by National Sportswear Incorporated

The KIWI School

A custom embroidery like this is only $6 and with our great discounts, you’ll SAVE EVEN MORE!

This design was embroidered on both navy polos and navy caps.

Bobcats! RA RA RA!

Here’s another cute embroidery crest to give you an idea of just what we do for our customers!

This custom embroidery cost just $6 each and you can save even more by asking about our first time customer discount!

bobcats embroidery by national sportswear incorporated
comics spotlight custom embroidery by National Sportswear Incorporated

You’re not with a school, your a stand up comedian?

No worries, we embroidered this for one of our clients who happens to be in comedy 🙂
It only costs them $6 each!

Still not impressed? You want more detail?

Well, everyone knows some of the best embroidery is done in Asia. Maybe the hardest people to impress, because after all, they own this industry….
Guess what?
We embroider for the Embassy of Taiwan, the Economic Trade Center and if there is anyone who knows quality in embroidery, it’s them 🙂

Maybe more like a Patch Design?

This Husky Sleigh Dog Design was embroidered on a knit ski cap, also known as a tuque or toque in Canada.
Knit caps are not the easiest to embroider on, bu here at National Sportswear Incorporated, we take great pride in achieving the unachievable!

Ready for your next Custom Embroidery?

We’re here to help and we’ve got some pretty nice new customer introduction savings… just for giving us a try!