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Since 1999, we’ve been providing custom sportswear to customers just like you all over the world. However, our main focus has been on providing an equal pricing structure for all Americans regardless of your geographical location within the United States.

As the first company in our business to introduce free shipping coast to coast, this opened the doors and opportunity for many Americans. What this meant was that no matter where you lived, whether it be Little Rock Arkansas or Detroit Michigan, your cost of goods would be the same.

Within the first year of the founding of our company,
we introduced no set up fees or screen charges. This resulted in less worries or guesswork on your behalf and made it much simpler and less expensive to get your custom apparel. In other words, we took the guess work out of pricing.

By the second year we included free artwork.
At this time several other companies came online and began offering a do it yourself or design your own t-shirt online program.
The flaw in their methods was a simple one, “customer service.”
Real customer service is not derived from making the customer do the work themselves. It also puts the customer in an awkward position of having to understand what works best in silkscreen printing or embroidery.
We felt this is just not right.
It’s much like when you go to get an oil change and the mechanic asks you
to remove the old oil.
We offer our customers full professional art services at absolutely no cost to them. Provided they are ordering their apparel from us.

Customer Service Philosophy

Real customer service is what we modeled our company around
and we’ve been doing it for over twenty years.
Hence our slogan “When Second Best Won’t Do!”

We offer high quality printing and embroidery on sportswear
and we do our best to fit it within your budget.

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Kiwi School custom embroidery by National Sportswear Incorporated

Some companies make a promise, we simply keep it.


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