Pope T Shirt by National Sportswear

Pope T Shirt by National Sportswear

Printed for Pope John Paul II

by National Sportswear ®

Pope Shirt PRINTED by National Sportswear INCORPORATED

pope-t-shirt-by-national-sportswearPrinted for World Youth Days as a gift to the youth.

This silkscreen printed t shirt was printed back in 2002 for the Pope himself when he visited Canada for World Youth days.
The Cardinal requested National Sportswear to print and ship these shirts to Canada so that the Pope could hand these out to special guests during his trip.

If you are going to print t shirts for someone such as the Pope, you’d better make sure…absolutely sure, these are high quality prints. Maybe even the kind that last forever? 😉

That’s what we do here at National Sportswear Incorporated. Our business is taking care of your business.
Our job is to make you look good. And this is how we grow… and so do you.

For over 35 years we’ve enhanced the art of screen printing.

So whoever you are famous or not, we would love nothing more then to print your next order.
Give us a try, you’ll be glad you did!


So always remember this…

If it doesn’t say

Then it’s not
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Here are some excerpts from several of the columnists present at the event…

Toronto Sun, July 29, 2002

“John Paul, we have a confession to make. We underestimated you. Thanks. Thank you for reminding us, regardless of our religion, about the importance of duty and determination. About the power of faith and the power of God. Thank you for bringing to Toronto those hundreds of thousands of wonderful and sincere young people…”

Editorial, Toronto Sun, July 29, 2002

Toronto Star (Canada’s largest circulation newspaper), July 28>

“…the issues of modern day aren’t so ‘modern’ after all. St. Paul’s letters make clear that the early Christians lived in a society every bit as materialistic, selfish, violent and exploitive as our own… The Pope stands tall not because he changed, but because he’s had the courage to remain constant. That’s precisely why his message will remain relevant and have staying power.”

Toronto Star columnist, Jim Coyle, July 26

“Media usually devoted to sport, crime and petty politics are dominated by the presence of an octogenarian, spiritual leader, religious rites and reports on the doing of good works. Leaders of our three levels of government…visit the Pope…and have seldom seemed so puny, their temporal concerns shrinking into insignificance compared with his.”

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