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This Settlement Agreement means that “the other company” Red Diamond Athletic Lettering also known as DBA National Sportswear, Promotion Plus, national sports sales, nj sportswear ( and perhaps others),  is “NOT” allowed to “SELL” , “ADVERTISE”, “ship custom printed sportswear” outside of their 11 counties in Northern New Jersey using our Federal Trademarked name “National Sportswear” in any form. Such as electronically, mechanically, on first party websites, third party websites, maps, directional finders, GPS, printed material, voice media or other. If you live outside of “ANY” of these eleven counties of New Jersey, you would be “INSIDE” the National Sportswear Incorporated Territories which also include the other counties “not listed on this portion of the Settlement Agreement below ” inside New Jersey.
“ANYONE” selling a brand of clothing or sportswear with our name
“National Sportswear” “anywhere in the USA including all counties in New Jersey” is committing an act of “Piracy.”
You may also use the map “ABOVE” as a clear visual guide to which counties are in who’s territories for silkscreen printing , embroidery or other forms of “custom deoration on sportswear.”
And, you may use the map of the United States at the “BOTTOM” of this page as another guide for the rest of the USA.
Even if a website is registered and or hosted “outside of the United States” but appears anywhere inside of the United States the above applies. For further information regarding importation of pirated products or services you can visit this Federal Government website to learn more.

After this settlement Agreement was signed and in effect.
We received several threatening emails by someone claiming
that if we did not hand over the “entire State of New Jersey to them”,
the gloves would come off.

We do not consider this as an offer, but rather a threat.

A couple months after we received this email,
a cancellation on two of our Federal Trademarks was filed by the “Other Party”
company referred to as the “Petitioner” in the cancellation proceedings.

This is the final decision of that Cancellation on our Federal Trademarks by the United States Federal Trademark Courts or TTAB.

We believe this is not only unethical on their part, but also unethical by the Attorney who processed the cancellation for them and very disrespectful of the civil settlement agreement.
Which they used as “evidence” of all things in their futile attempt to cancel our Trademarks.

This was clearly a non warranted blatant attack on
National Sportswear Incorporated with the intent to cause us financial harm.

Defending yourself in the TTAB ( Federal Trademark Court or any court) does not come cheap.
In a full length procedure, it could very well cost a defendant upwards of
five hundred thousand dollars to even one million dollars in litigation defense lawyers should a proceeding such as this go the full term.
This could very easily put some companies out of business, cause extreme negative effects on credits with suppliers or any creditors such as banks, credit card companies and impact the entire financial credibility of any company or individual.
This type of attack is also considered unfair business practice by District Courts as well as Federal Courts.
Any lawyer or law firm who represents their client knowing there is a Civil Settlement Agreement between two parties
“should advise” their client “NOT” to proceed or even
refuse to represent anyone or company who neglects that Settlement Agreement or its contents.

Intentionally harming others for personal gain is immoral, unethical and “against the Law.”

National Sportswear Incorporated will still honor this Settlement Agreement
by “ONLY” showing the portion above.
The Settlement Agreement was very clear and precise about its terms and conditions.
And this other company has violated it not in one way, but in four!
Unwarranted cancellations
of our Federal Trademarks by this other party ” the petitioner.”
Is a direct violation of our Settlement Agreement.
Their attorneys have been notified by our attorneys of their breach(es) and
to date ( July 19th 2017) have not responded accordingly.

Being an “aggressive” attorney, as their attorney asserts on his own website, does not entitle him to abuse the law and attack other people or companies.
As evidence brought forward by their own attorney “The Settlement Agreement” this attorney and his client has indeed Breached the very evidence he used in his blatant and non warranted “attack” on National Sportswear Incorporated and in “our” opinion acted unethically and with extreme malice.

As a result of the actions to cause harm by this other company and it’s acting Attorney(s) on National Sportswear Incorporated, we reserve the right under the “Freedom of Information Act” to show the final decision by the TTAB
Since this is their doing.


This is the final decision of that Cancellation on our Federal Trademarks by the United States Federal Trademark Courts or TTAB.

It is our civil right to defend ourselves against blatant and non warranted attacks.

National Sportswear Incorporated reserves the right to record “all” visits to our websites, email addresses, quote request submissions , including but not limited to IP Addresses and other stored data of identification both for monitoring and security purposes. All data is stored electronically on third party secured databases should they be required as evidence by legitimate government law enforcement agencies.

Please also take note

That  it is  our opinion that in every State of the United States and its territories, ” no two companies shall operate with similar and confusing names,” also, no company shall bare a similar name to a corporation in each state and or territory, furthermore, no government or acting agency shall provide a DBA, Alternate name or fictitious name that resembles or is a close proximity of an already existing corporation’s name and identity. Furthermore, it is also our opinion that no single entity doing business or company shall register or do business in numerous different names for the same service or product. Furthermore, it is against the Governing Law in most States if not all States of the United States and its territories to register a DBA ( Doing Business As) knowing that there exists a corporation with that name and identity. Furthermore, it is against the law to provide documents of another company as evidence in any court proceeding and claim it to being your company if it is not. Furthermore, it is our belief that no court should accept evidence of such documentation that does not show the registrant’s name, furthermore it is also our opinion that no person or company shall register a Trademark with the United States Federal Trademark Office knowingly that there exist another company with that name and sign a testament claiming to be unaware of another person or company’s use, especially when previously notified of such.

International Code 40 is “for the decoration of sportswear” such as custom silkscreen printing or custom embroidery.
It does not include manufacturing sportswear ” manufacturing sportswear is IC (international code) 25.