National Sportswear New Jersey Corporation

National Sportswear a New Jersey Corporation

National Sportswear is a “registered” New Jersey Corporation
located at 3600 Route66, Suite 150, Neptune, NJ 07753
Below is our “corporate certificate” issued to us
by the Department of Treasury of the State of New Jersey.

National Sportswear New Jersey Corporation Certification
As in every state of the United States,
every company “must” have a unique name that is “not”
the same as another company’s name.
A corporation name is the identity of that company and
therefore there should “never” be two alike.

Unfortunately there are those who do not follow the law
and believe they are above it.

After a Settlement Agreement was signed and agreed upon
between National Sportswear Incorporated (that is us) and
another company in “New Jersey.”
This other company decided to file a cancellation on
our Federal Trademarks “National Sportswear”
You may view the outcome of their blatant attack on
us here.

A Settlement Agreement is a legal binding contract to which two parties enter into.
We will not disclose the content of the Settlement Agreement here.
Because we (National Sportswear Incorporated) honor agreements that we enter with other parties.
However, we will let you know that this other party neglected to honor it as we have and posted the entire Agreement on the United States Trademark Office TTAB in plain public view when they filed the cancellation,
with no regards to it’s contents.
Especially the “confidentiality portion of the agreement” which clearly stated that no portion of this agreement could be publicly shown with the exception of three paragraphs in chapter 8 “Mutual Statement of Rights.”

So please understand that this other company Red Diamond “does NOT have permission” to sell, advertise or utilize our Trademark name anywhere else in the United States that is outside of their “limited” territory of the eleven (11) counties listed above.


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So we are in fact, The REAL National Sportswear ® Incorporated

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National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated

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New Jersey National Sportswear IncorporatedPUT YOUR DOUBTS TO REST

Our address in New Jersey is
3600 State Route 66 Ste 150, Neptune, NJ 07753

We are also Headquartered in Charlotte North Carolina.
But originally Founded in Massachusetts where we “are still Incorporated.”

We also have an office location in Florida where we used to have two factories.
But closed those down and moved them to North Carolina to better serve our customers nationwide.

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If it doesn’t say
It’s not National Sportswear ®

Florida | North Carolina | Massachusetts

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We believe in fair business,
100% transparency and consumer protection.
And we hope you support fair business & help us
stop internet fraud!

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