National Sportswear Massachusetts Corporation

National Sportswear Massachusetts Corporation

National Sportswear Massachusetts Corporation is located at 225 Cedar Hill Street,
Suite 200, Marlborough, MA 01752.
Below is our corporation certification granted to us by
the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Secretary of State.

National Sportswear massachusetts Corporation
This is William Francis Galvin
Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
And this is the Corporate Business Entity Summary
from the Division of Corporations for National Sportswear.

National Sportswear Incorporation

We show this (as any corporation should) because we are honest and respect your integrity.
Transparency and honesty should be considered the highest form of ethical standard.
Any corporation that respects this,
should embrace this standard and be willing to show you their certificate of incorporation.
“Their true identity.”

A certificate of corporation is a company’s true identity because this is the certificate for
which any corporation is granted the right to operate as a business by their Secretary of State.
And this is also the law in “every state of the United States of America.”

National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated

It is law, in every State that no two companies shall have the same name and thus why no state would ever grant the same name to two different corporations.
It would be as though one was handing out the same social security number to more than one individual.
This would not only be an unfair business practice but would also confuse everyone.
Also, it would be “IMPOSSIBLE” for the Department of Revenue to separate companies individual tax forms.
So when you deal with any company and they are unwilling to show you their tax I.D.
or Certification of incorporation, you’d better be extremely careful.

National Sportswear Incorporated (that is us)
Is a corporation of the State of Massachusetts.

You can view our other certificates of incorporation of other states below.

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We believe in fair business,
100% transparency and consumer protection.

National Sportswear ®
Is also our “Non-Contestable United States Federal Trademark”

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