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Incorporation is one form of registering a company. When a company incorporates, it is telling the general public “this is my name.” And this is the name I intend to do business under. Just like when a baby is born, it’s parents give it a name, a company is founded and it’s parents ( or founders) give it a name. A baby will use it’s name from birth through it’s entire life and so should a company. When a company pays taxes, it will pay taxes under it’s given name. Ours is National Sportswear Incorporated. Knowing who you deal with is the first step to an honest relationship. This is why here at National Sportswear ® we feel it is important to be transparent and even more important to be up front and honest with our clients.

“That’s the National Sportswear pledge of honesty and transparency.”

incorporation national sportswear certificate clipartWhen dealing with a company it doesn’t hurt to ask to see some sort of certification that proves they are who they say they are. And we think it’s even more honest if the company would just offer to show you their certification of incorporation. If they don’t, perhaps they have something to hide.

Why make the customer feel uncomfortable?
After all, when you meet someone for the first time. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing they are who they say they are?
It’s very easy for anyone to call themselves anything they want. We see this all the time with trolls who try to look like us. Pirating trolls who pretend to be us are only pretending and you can easily weed them out into the open (read this for your safety). Luckily we have an advanced technical team who “monitors and records” these trolls every movement. You never know when the information we collect on them will come in handy 🙂

Never the less, as a courtesy to all of our visitors. Here are our certifications of corporate registrations because the best practice is the honest practice.

We are a registered corporation in four different states of the United States of America. 1- Massachusetts, 2- New Jersey, 3- North Carolina and 4- Florida. You can click on each state to view or corporation certification with each individual state.

We hope this has been helpful in identifying who we are as a corporation.

registered trademark symbol national sportswear RWe also carry three United States Federal Trademarks.
And you can click here to view those.
When searching information about companies, whether it be trademarks, certification papers or other forms of identity and certification, we always recommend to look carefully at the dates of these registrations and also the signatory of the person who signed them. Other important things to watch out for is registration numbers and seals.

These all play an important role in the authenticity of registration.

We hope this has been enlightening and has laid any doubt to rest as to who we are.

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