National Sportswear Original Logo

National Sportswear Original Logo

National Sportswear Original Logo

National Sportswear original logo has always been there.
And, although it would seem that it has evolved over time.
It has only become more prominent among others of fame.


It begins here, in the middle

In the early years of National Sportswear, if you were one of our clients who had custom t-shirt printing done. You would have noticed our famous logo “The Lightning Bolt” was displayed under our Name “National Sportswear” inside our ever recognizable “blue oval” on the top center display of your layouts for approval.

This is what our customers would receive when we designed and presented their artwork for their approval.
We still do this today. Of course we’ve done some modification to secure the ever growing threats of piracy of our Trademarks and name.

Below is an example of one of our layouts… recognize it?

Of course, this is not the very first layout we used in the history of our company. There have been others prior to this and we will show them. We began with this one because the evolution of our logo has much more meaning than most people that know us probably knew.

So like a great Star Wars novel, let’s begin in the middle 😉


The American Flag!

Seem fitting?
Did I get your attention?
What about the logo?

There is a whole lot of subliminal genius marketing going on here.
And if you want to be taken through this incredible journey of
the evolutionary progress of how the real National Sportswear came about, I suggest you read on!

It’s how one of the nations marketing gurus conceived our look long before we even reached it and the real thrill, like any good story is near the end!


NEXT read more about the Evolution of our logo and brand here.

Now for our intermission advertising that pays for all this 🙂

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The story behind the National Sportswear logo.
Article Name
The story behind the National Sportswear logo.
Over the past few decades, the National Sportswear logo has evolved. But what few people know about it is going to intrigue you.
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Free Lance
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