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National Sportswear Official Site!

National Sportswear Official Site and what this means to you.
As one of the “very first” providers of custom sportswear on the internet,
we have a proven track record.

We have provided custom printing and embroidery
at all levels. From home parties to national events.
From supplying Daycares to our nation’s top Universities.
From local religious organizations to Pope John Paul II!

We’re not some back alley hand me down company
with no direction and a ton of different names.

No, we founded this company on one single name
National Sportswear ®
in order to provide an equal opportunity to everyone across the nation.

The purpose of National Sportswear Incorporated was to give a same pricing structure to everyone.
By doing so we make the playing field equal and affordable.
So whether you live in Florida or you live in Maine, live in Utah or Idaho.
Our prices are exactly the same!

So, harness the power of the National Sportswear on this Official Site!

And when someone else tries to tell you they are us…
Just reply “Yeah right.”
Give a big smile and walk away or hang up the phone.

by National Sportswear ®

National Sportswear has printed for the Pope (Yes, Pope John Paul II)…
We have printed for Marvel Comics,
Cracked Magazine, Congressmen, Senators even Presidents…
You want an experienced printer, right?
We’ve printed for U2, The United States Department of Defense,
TIAA CREFF, UNICEF, Red Cross, American Heart Association…
Need more experience?..
We’ve printed and embroidered for Harvard University, Northwestern University,
Yale University, Berkley University, University of Maryland, MIT…
We can go on for hours…
NASA, The Air Force, Homeland Security, Fire Departments, Police Departments…

So the next time someone asks you who is the Official National Sportswear?
Just tell them

That’s their website and
this is their Trademark
National Sportswear ®
An American Tradition!
national sportswear official site

Place any order of 50 shirts or more and get
this super cool National Sportswear Official Site T Shirt FREE!

So how much does it cost to order custom printed t shirts?
Well, how about $4.99 each delivered!
That’s right, just $4.99 each for a single color on front and back side.
Mix the sizes anyway you like.
Adult small to Extra Large.
And if this isn’t enough to say WOW!
How about this…
We have never charged hidden fees like screen charges or artwork fees.
As a matter of fact, we pioneered it!
We were the very first to offer free shipping too!
Why did we do all this?
Well, because we were one of the very first internet custom sportswear decorators.

quote request for t shirt printing

Because we know what we’re doing;)

So no more worries,
National Sportswear ®
is the company for you

So welcome to the National Sportswear Official Site!
We are glad you came!
And more happy to service you in any way we can.

Our in house printing is second to none.
Just check out our client list,
view some of the samples of work we’ve done since last millennium.

For over 35 years we’ve enhanced the art of screen printing,
set the industry standard and led the way for others to follow.
So much so that some people have even tried to use our name.

So for lifetime prints and peace of mind,
you’ve come to the right place.
Because National Sportswear only prints the best.

And don’t worry, we deliver your t shirts directly to your door Free of charge!
No service fees, no set up charges, no screen fees, no artwork fees and… NO WORRIES!

If it doesn’t say
It’s not
National Sportswear ®


We do everything in house!
Custom Artwork for free, Digitizing for free, Screen Printing, Embroidery,
Custom Lettering & Numbering and much more.
National Sportswear QuickQuote

Take a quick tour of our sample galleries
| White T Shirts | Black T Shirts |
These are shirts we’ve printed for some of our clients.
Hopefully after you see who they are,
it will erase any doubts
you might have as to who we are.
National Sportswear ®

If you or someone you know is looking to have custom silkscreen printing, custom embroidery or other sportswear decorating done. You can follow these handy links to help you find what you need. Or, you can simply request a quote here.

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