National Sportswear Logo

The National Sportswear Logo and this page
are here for the convenience of art departments and media
around the world who may need to use our logo in their works.

If you require a National Sportswear Logo for your newspaper,
magazine, website blog or other art related media,
you may use any of these available logos.

You may use any of these National Sportswear Logos
so long as you do not alter them in any way,
do not allude to being National Sportswear ®,
do not allude to being a Franchise of National Sportswear
(unless you are)
do not use the National Sportswear Logo on sportswear
or other merchandise
for the purpose of selling for monetary profits
without our written and signed consent.
Do not use it in a manner which would defame
or slander National Sportswear ®

Must “ALWAYS” contain the ® in it.

The reason we ask you not to alter our logo is to
maintain the integrity of the our design and it’s meaning.
It would not be any different then altering a logo such as
Hanes, Gildan, Nike, Champion, Fruit of the Loom
or any other corporate logo for that mater.
Identity is important and so is our Brand.

Kindly respect it.

The National Sportswear “Lightning Bolt” Logo
is a United States Non Contestable Federally Trademarked Logo
If you are not sure of your rights of usage then DO NOT USE IT.
Ask us or write to us for permission.
Using any of these logos or similes of these logos
does not grant you permission to use it.
These logos by being posted here does not grant you
rights or authority to use them.

If you do use it on your website,
kindly post a link back to

National Sportswear Logo

National Sportswear Logo 250 X 250 pixels
National Sportswear Logo 250 X 250 Pixels


National Sportswear Logo slogan mascot color 400 pixels
National Sportswear Logo Slogan Mascot 400 pix color


National Sportswear Logo When Second Best Won't Do
National Sportswear Logo When Second Best Won’t Do


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