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NASA T-Shirt Printer – That’s US 🙂

NASA t-shirt printer (s) are not a dime a dozen. We need to understand our customers and their needs. We’ve done this since our company was founded and we practice this still today.

Never the less, we often ponder how much would we have made in the past 20 years. Had we earned $1 per light year mile that radios waves travel out into space?

The answer is pretty clear. If our National debt was 20 trillion dollars, we could pay it off in just four years.

But don’t take our word for it, ask your friendly Nasa Scientists 😀 CHEERS!

Light travels around 5.879Trillion Miles in a year.

This is one of the coolest t-shirts we printed for our friends at NASA in Kissimee Florida.

You can tell by the unique colors, the favorable design ( literally) the texture and quality of this print.

That we take our job seriously, so do our friends at NASA

If you’re looking for shirts custom printed like this one and you’re on a tight budget…


nasa t-shirt by National Sportswear Incorporated

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