Michigan State University T-Shirt

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Michigan State University T-Shirt

MSU has been a customer of National Sportswear for many years.
Furthermore, we’ve printed everything from t-shirts to hoodies for sororities all over campus.
This Michigan State University t-shirt was silkscreen printed on front and back.
The front was a crest in a single color of the Universities crest logo as pictured to the right (below if you are on a mobile device)

michigan state university t-shirt by national sportswear inc


michigan state university custom t-shirt by national sportswear

On the back ( shown on left or top if you are on a mobile device) are
the Law department’s student’s and Professor’s names.
Again, this was a single color silkscreen print in the school color.
A shirt like this (including both sides) only costs around $3.99 each delivered!
Prices include the shirts, printing, shipping, artwork services, setup, and screens.

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