Indian Motorcycle T Shirt

Indian Motorcycle by National Sportswear

Indian Motorcycle T Shirt printed by National Sportswear ®

Indian motorcycle t shirt shows some classical silkscreen printing techniques. It is silkscreen printed on white t shirts using some of National Sportswear’s special silkscreen printing techniques.

This print goes beyond the capabilities of any direct to garment printer, with enhanced inks with a deeper viscosity that would never pass through an ink jet head nozzle.
It will outlast the direct to garment print and is as soft to the touch.

The colors are extremely vivid and even wash after wash, it will not fade or come out. Our prints have shown the test of time. Even after 15 years of wash and wear, the National Sportswear prints remain as fresh as the day they were printed.

Please note: We receive a lot of requests for this t shirt. Sorry but “is not for sale” it was for our client Indian Motorcycles ® and is only shown here for our visitors to enjoy and see what kind of capabilities National Sportswear ® has. The material is copyright protected by it’s respective owner (s) all rights reserved.
Respect the internet, respect our clients and respect us.

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Printed on a computerized high speed automatic MHM press using specialty process inks and other specialty ink bases for softness, finish and longevity.
Production speed 350 pieces per hour.
Print size 13 inches by 13 inches

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