George Washington University T-Shirt 001

George Washington University T-Shirt 001

George Washington University T-Shirt Computer Science Department.

This front crest print was printed in white ink. It depicts a hippo that was designed in 3D auto cad software.
If you look closely at the thin tailored lines, you will notice how intricate a design like this must be to print on a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

Very few printers ( if any) have the ability to print such detail, furthermore do it so that it does not crack, peel or wash out in the first washing.

george washington university t-shirt by national sportswear incorporated

We strive to improve on every design.

As you can see with this back print. We carried the front crest design over to the back to complete the style of shirt.
Being that it is a larger design, you might be able to see the detail in this image better.

We’ve been designing t-shirts for almost 40 years. And we’ve done it for some of the biggest names around.
Take a look at this design we did for Marvel Comics.

National Sportswear takes great pride in all we do.

national sportswear alaska indian art t-shirt design

We don’t design t-shirts, we design fine art… fine wearable art!
This is why we make sure our prints last forever.
Wash them, stretch them, pull them.
The print will never come out.
Of course if you’re in science lab and you’re silly enough to spill nitric acid on yourself. We’re pretty sure the design will disappear. Then again, you might too lol 🙂

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Not sure who George Washington University is?

If you’re a student and considering higher education or furthering your studies.
Visit them today and learn more 🙂

Looking for ideas for your next t-shirt design?
Need a little inspiration?
View a few of our videos and tutorials here 🙂

George Washington University T-Shirts by National Sportswear
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