George Washington T-Shirt

George Washington University t-shirt vendor

George Washington T-Shirt

George Washington University is located in Washington D.C.
They’ve been a client of National Sportswear ® for many years.
We have always enjoyed the incredible designs they send us for their spirit wear.
Especially the Computer Science Department. Every year they try to outdo the one before.
As you can see from this 3D wire meshed model of the school mascot!
Most printers would cringe at the idea of screen printing such detail.
We simply love it!

george washington university t-shirt sample


george washington university t-shirt printer


Printing on black or dark color shirts is hard enough for most printers.
Mainly because they require flashing on the press in order to give either a second coat of ink or an under coat of ink.
This is to achieve a highly brilliant and durable finish. Now imagine doing this on material which moves and the design being ultra thin 1/2 point lines. Hard maybe, but the results are beautiful!

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