Embroidery and Digitizing

Embroidery is an age old art that dates back thousands of years.
It is not nearly as detailed as printing, however it is preferred by some for the way
it appears on sportswear.
Some people choose embroidery because they believe it gives a high end look and feel.

What We Do For You.

We take your design, even if it is not already in a computer digital art form and
convert it to a computer graphic design which is digitized in a software program to determine
where the thread stitches will go and what type of patterns will be required to recreate your design
onto a garment for optimum fit.


Price is determined by the intricacy of the design and the output of thread stitch count as well as how many garments would be embroidering.
In general, customers can expect to pay around $4-5 per garment!

We Do All The Work Ourselves!

National Sportswear Incorporated does everything in-house
with our state of the art equipment, software and of course, professional staff.

What else…

Custom embroidery with 1200 stitches per minute capability.
High accuracy and professionally digitized designs resulting in beautifully detailed high-resolution embroidery at the lowest prices anywhere.

In House Production…

And because we specialize in doing everything in-house
we are one of the few companies nationwide to offer our customers
100% FREE digitizing service to convert computer generated
artwork to digitized embroidery formats.
This coupled with our FREE shipping makes us
the company of choice for all your custom embroidery.

custom embroidery by National Sportswear ®

National Sportswear embroiders everything sportswear.

If you have any particular item in mind and
you would like to know it’s cost.
Just get a Quick Quote, it’s free.

We do both high volume and low volume work
because our shop is set up to cater to “everyone.”

We do not charge set-up fees, we do not charge shipping fees.
As a matter of fact National Sportswear ® was the first
on the web to offer these services free!

For example, the cost of custom embroidery on
a 3 to 5 thousand thread stitch count
only costs $4 at National Sportswear ®

National Sportswear also does custom names using both embroidery and printing.

Our embroidery machines can also handle simple names
and we do this with no digitizing or set up fees.

The average cost per name
per garment is about $4 each.

Submit a a Quick Quote today to get started!

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