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easter hunt 2018 - national sportswear special price game


It’s that time again for our Annual Easter Hunt 🙂

Win free Easter T-Shirts and the biggest savings online!

All you need to do is search the Internet Archives for our oldest special prices and get those incredible savings today! WOW!

The Internet Archives is the Internet’s oldest running database of all the internet websites dating back to the very beginning of the world wide web.

This is where “all the oldest websites online have been stored for years and years!”

And yes, we are on there too!
Why wouldn’t we be?
We are one of the oldest and first custom t-shirt printing companies online 🙂
National Sportswear has thousands of pages stored on the Internet Archives. And all you have to do is go there and find our oldest prices, take a snap shot and email it to us 🙂

Don’t worry, we’ll provide the website address for the Internet Archives and directions on how to take a snap shot too. It’s fun, it’s easy, and you are going to be very surprised!


Find your snipping tool in Windows.
The Icon should resemble this one.

Go to the ” Internet Archives” Also known as Wayback Machine… just click the Wayback Machine logo and a new window should open inyour browser 🙂

wayback machine

Now comes the fun part!


Choose any year from the annual list. It should turn yellow when active, then click it


Look for any “blue” circle over any date and click it.
This should show you one of our website pages from that date Wayback in time 🙂
If you clicked “7” the page would look like this one 🙂

national sportswear january 7th 2007 website page

Taking your Easter Snap Shot!


With your “Snipping Tool” Open, choose “NEW” and when your screen turns an off whitish color, simply hold down your left mouse button and drag your mouse over the area of the page you would like to save a snap shot of. There should be a thin red border around the area that you are highlighting and that portion inside should look pretty clear compared to the part outside of the snipping area.
Once you’ve surrounded the area you want your snap shot of, simply release the mouse button and that portion will then appear inside your Snipping tool window.

Now you can just save it to a folder on your hard drive and then attach it to the email you send us 🙂

That is all there is to it.


easter bunny run - national sportswear

Just send your email with your snapshot of your National Sportswear Wayback Machine Special Price to your representative at NationalSportswear.com
We will also throw in a super cute Happy Easter T-Shirt just for you!
And of course, we will honor that ancient price that is in the snapshot too!
Remember, this has to be from any of “our old website pages you found on the Wayback Machine.”

We hope this brings some fun, excitement, entertainment and a joyful Easter to you!


While in the Wayback Machine Window while searching the National Sportswear website, you can always click some of these spots at the top of the screen ( shown with red arrows in our snap shot here) to jump around year to year 😉

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