Marvel Comics T Shirt by National Sportswear

Cheap t-shirt printing by National Sportswear ®

Marvel Comics T Shirt by National Sportswear ®

This Marvel Comics T Shirt was silkscreen printed, not direct to garment!

National Sportswear ® is one of the most experienced high
resolution silkscreen printers in the country!
And this colorful X-Men t shirt is proof of that.

Jim Lee is another incredible artist. Famous for many characters he has worked on with both Marvel Comics and DC Comics.
Characters such as Batman and Robin, Superman, X-Men and of course let’s not forget WildC.A.T.S.
This particular design (above) was worked on by our very own CEO Duncan Benedict to whom Mr. Lee entrusted to make
his own small adjustments to allow the highest quality print.

So, if we’re good enough for  Jim Lee & Marvel Comics, are we good enough for you?
National Sportswear ®
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