Loyal Customer Rewards

Loyal Customer Rewards

Loyal customer rewards are for the real National Sportswear ® customers who’ve stood by us for many years.
We want to thank you for allowing us to serve you for so many years and this is our way of showing our appreciation.

loyal customer rewards for national sportswearYou know us, you know our quality, our service and you know our sincerity.

With growth and popularity comes piracy, deception and trolls.

Our job as a company and from an ethical stand point is to protect you, the consumer and our customer.

Your patronage and your support has always been greatly appreciated at National Sportswear Incorporated
and our aim is to continue to serve you and protect your interests and safety.

So please read on…

We have “always owned” www.NationalSportswear.com which is our parent website.
If you, a friend or a family member have visited www.NationalSportswear.com with the intention of purchasing your custom sportswear from www.NationalSportswear.com then please make sure that any email correspondence is coming from  NationalSportswear.com is not a different source.
In other words, if it’s not coming from someone@NationalSportswear.com
It’s not us.

The internet has become a malicious place and an easy place for trolls to take advantage of you.
Trolls are people who feed off the success and hard work of others.
They will do or say anything to convince you that they are who they appear to be.
All while cleverly masking themselves from plain view.

If you think you’ve spotted a troll, let us know!

We reward our customers with loyal customer rewards just for telling us when you spot one.
No, this isn’t a Pokemon Go game.
This is real and it is a growing internet problem.
So how does our loyal customer rewards program work?
Simple, for every troll you find, you get an extra 1% discount off your order and
it remains in effect so long as you buy from us.
We could have called it Troll Hunter, but loyal customer rewards just sounded much nicer to us.

ICANN has been working diligently on a system that recognizes truth
and facts from fiction. (If you are unfamiliar with ICANN, click here to learn more.)


This is why we use SSL. SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer.
What a secured socket layer does is secures an encrypted link between the server (us) and the client (you).
When your data is passed to our servers, it is encrypted in a way that it can “only” be decrypted on our side (once it has arrived) and vise versa. This is added security for you.
And quite frankly, if you visit “any” website that does not use SSL these days… you are taking a big chance!

You can’t always spot a Troll right away.

If you have purchased anything from anyone who led you to believe that they are NationalSportswear.com or National Sportswear Incorporated then you can call them and ask for a full refund.
If they refuse to refund you, then you can call your credit card company and let them know what happened.
Simply explain to them that your intentions were to buy from National Sportswear Incorporated or www.NationalSportswear.com
Only do this if you truly intended to buy from us.
If you are listed in our accounts as a long time or previous customer.
We will certainly provide you with old invoices to show your credit card company.

As long as your intentions were to buy from National Sportswear Incorporated,
your credit card company should honor your request.

As an internet community, we can “all”
make it an honest and safer place to be.


Call Us Toll Free for more Information

1 866 GOT TEES

1 866 468 8337

or you can send your information or complaint to

“Thank you for your patronage, together we can make the internet safe again!”

D. Benedict CEO and Founder
National Sportswear Incorporated

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