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We are Incorporated in the following states
Massachusetts  New Jersey  North Carolina  Florida



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Since 1999, we introduced

Free artwork, no setup fees, free shipping

…We still do.


Awards |  Certifications | Contributions | Trademarks
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given to our company and employees  for services provided to society through National Sportswear®
Boy Scouts of America Silver Plaque | Two gold medals from The President of the United States



are the corporation certificates and their good standings for National Sportswear in our different locations.


are actual contributions such as donations to orphanages, low income schools,  undernourished children in Africa and our contributions to those societies which don’t have a voice to call for help such as through the Humane Society and the World Wild Life Fund
(we believe animals have rights too)



to show the consumers who we are, our legitimacy and that we are not just a brand we are an idea coming true.

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