. Art by Duncan Benedict

Art by Duncan Benedict is our small gallery,
or you could say our open house for our visitors

to view what truly embodies who our founder is.
The Founder and CEO of National Sportswear ®

 Zebras by Duncan Benedict_Copyright 1990 World Wildlife

The Look Out

This piece sits in a fine art collector’s private collection,
it hangs side by side with some of today’s greatest artists. Artists  such as Carl Brenders, Robert Bateman
and world famous Tony Hunt to name a few.

The Tittle of this painting is “The Guardian.”
Size 36 inches x 24 inches

Value $ 185,000 USD

As a young artist

Duncan has studied many styles worldwide.
Oil, acrylics, water colors, lithography,
zink plate making, photography and naturally “silkscreen printing.”

Because of his wide variety of techniques, he’s made friends in vast area of the art world and therefore brought himself closer to some of the biggest names as they shared a mutual envy of each others styles.
Duncan has been commissioned ( mostly by collectors) for his unique fine detail that can even elude those who’ve studied it for hours on end. His pieces have been in shows, but more importantly are those he had auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds going to raise money for orphanages in places as far away as Asia. Some of those paintings have sold at auction for upwards of $100,000.

Tittle “Still.”

This painting was commissioned by a collector as his
wedding gift to his bride and thus has added value as a limited print.
It depicts a Western Hare sitting still in a patch of Dandelions and Queen Anne’s Lace.
Although not seen in this image ( lack of resolution) The eye of the hare reflects a microscopic painting like image of what has caused the hare to remain still and watchful.
Today’s Price $150,000
Size 36 inches X 24 inches

Silkscreen Print and not for sale

As you can see from this West Coast Native Styled
Art by Duncan. He is an artist with no limits, hence his work has sat amongst native Indian works and never questioned about his ethnicity.
His style is personal and shows enthusiasm for the true spirit of the meaning behind his work.

We will be adding more soon.
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watch a few videos of our CEO in action.
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These creations bring art to life!
We hope you enjoy these  video tutorials and speedart to see
how serious we are about what we do.

Also, check out some of our work here!

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