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In 2002 National Sportswear ® proudly teamed up with Holiday Inns and Six Flags Amusement Parks. National Sportswear donated 2,000 t shirts to the orphans of Washington D.C., while Holiday Inns donated the accommodations and Six Flags the entertainment.
The purpose of this event was to give these children the opportunity to enjoy what all other children (those with families) enjoy; a week of total fun!

As a result, our CEO was nominated and received a Presidential Gold Medal for his contributions and organizations of an event that changed the lives of many and installed the creative thoughts as to how we can all make a difference in our communities.

Our work has never stopped.
Every year National Sportswear ® finds ways to help those who need it. Whether it be sponsoring a walk-a-thon to raise funds for breast cancer or sponsoring nonprofits overseas to help clothe children in impoverished villages of Africa.

Our work is never done.

We are members of the Humane Society and members of the World Wild Life Fund as well. We believe every animal has the same rights as we have and deserve to live in a world where they are protected and not abused. The Humane Society is a wonderful organization who puts their efforts towards protecting domesticated animals from abuse. While the World Wild Life Fund has done a tremendous job of establishing wild life sanctuaries and parks around the world dedicated to the preservation and protection of endangered species and other wild life. A little bit from everyone can go a long ways and can accomplish monumental achievements. So if you have a little to give, please give to either of these organizations.

If you’re not sure who to give to or how to give, then you can always purchase one of the National Sportswear Brand T Shirts and a portion of your purchase will be equally divided and donated to both of these great organizations.

About National Sportswear page 2

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