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National Sportswear Trademark

National Sportswear Trademark is as much a piece of us as our corporation name and our website domain name. After all “we are the real National Sportswear Incorporated.”

national sportswear trademark
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As for any Pirates out there, the message above is CLEAR.

National Sportswear ®

Is a fully incorporated American owned and operated corporation using
a United States Federal Tax IDENTIFICATION of National Sportswear Incorporated.
And the United States Department of revenue will tell you
” There is ONLY ONE National Sportswear Incorporated in The United States of America, us.

National Sportswear Incorporated is incorporated with the “only” Federal Tax I.D.
That says we are National Sportswear Incorporated.

Federal Trademark?

National Sportswear ® is a “non-contestable” United States Federal Trademark
owned by National Sportswear Incorporated

Domain name?

You are on it.
All you need to do is look in your browser’s address bar (above) and
you will clearly see that you are presently on

Need more convincing?
No problem!
Is the internet domain name registration database that
lays out the plain and simple facts of website domain name ownership.
Honest companies list their information there.

Is the Internet Security Certificate which gives you
added security through encryption when visiting websites.

Why do we use one?

Because we actually care about your safety.

The United States Federal Government doesn’t lie!

One Name, One Domain!

National Sportswear Incorporated
National Sportswear ®

National Sportswear ® Registered Trademarks



According to Federal Trademark Laws, it is every Trademark holder’s duty to file a seize and desist letter against any other company they encounter that is using a similar and/or confusing Trademark, or you stand to lose your Trademark for not properly policing it. If the other company remains silent or refuses to respond or does not acknowledge your request to seize and desist. You have no option other then file Judgement against the other company. This position was forced on you by lack of response.
Since we never heard back from the other company and received numerous complaint from our customers about confusion. A Judgement was enforced.
After such a judgement was put into effect, we received a counter suite and eventually agreed with the opposing party to a Settlement Agreement as suggested by the District Courts.

The ” only” portion of a Settlement Agreement that is supposed to be shared “or disseminated” to the public is below. It outlines each party’s “Territory” respectfully.

Notice where at the end of the first paragraph it says
The third Paragraph notes that Red Diamond (the other company) “agrees that NATIONAL SPORTSWEAR INC. (that is us) has seniority rights to every other county outside their 11 counties within New Jersey. This means THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA except those eleven counties in New Jersey. We DO have seniority rights to THE REST OF NEW JERSEY.

Here is a map outline such territories for New Jersey based on the Settlement Agreement ABOVE.
“We are the BLUE” and “they are the RED.”

This is a MAP of the Territories for the United States of America.
Again “We are the BLUE” and “they are the RED”

Federal Trademark IC or International Code 40 is for the decoration of sportswear or clothing such as silkscreen printing, numbering, embroidery or other forms that represent a customers logo or event.

Federal Trademark IC or International Code 25 is for a BRAND of Clothing or Sportswear.
Usually created with the very name of the brand on it, whether it be a label or printed or embroidered showing that name and is for the purpose of selling or giving it to the consumer.

And this is ” strictly” for the decoration of sportswear.
Be advised that “National Sportswear Inc. (that is us) or National Sportswear Incorporated ( also us) and National Sportswear ® (also us) have “exclusive rights to our brand of clothing National Sportswear ®” for the ENTIRE USA.

This is a MAP of our Territory for IC 25 or the BRAND of Clothing named “National Sportswear”

We are the BLUE.

This Settlement Agreement came with many other clauses that we will “not disclose” here out of respect for the Settlement Agreement which clearly outlined that only this paragraph “8. MUTUAL STATEMENT OF RIGHTS” could be disseminated as such noted above.

However, it is also our civil right to defend our corporate identity and integrity as well as our good name against blatant non-warranted attacks that occurred “after the Settlement Agreement.” And therefore we reserve the right to show the final outcome of that attack through the United States Federal Trademark Office in order to lay any doubts to rest as to the ownership of the United States Registered Federal Trademarks for “National Sportswear.”



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