Our Trademarks

national sportswear logo trademark and slogan

Our Trademarks

Our Trademarks are what distinguishes ourselves from other companies and other products.


They are a part of our identity.

National Sportswear ®

Just above is what our trademark for National Sportswear should look like.

You will note a letter R in the middle of a circle. This is what the United States Federal Trademark Office recommends to use if your Trademark is a registered Trademark.
A registered Trademark is a mark or word, or combination of words that would be registered through the Federal Trademark Office.
We have two very distinct word mark registrations and both of which are for “National Sportswear”
The word ” National Sportswear ” is the actual name of our company National Sportswear followed by the word Incorporated which identifies our company as a corporation.
Our Federal Trademarks are only there as “indentifiers” to describe our “Trade” which falls under two International Codes. 1 is IC (international code) 25 and the other is IC 40.

These “International Codes” are shared by the world to identify different industries and their distinct products and or services.

IC 25 is for clothing. Specifiaclly a brand of clothing. And ours is “National Sportswear”
The other is IC 40 which is for the decoration of clothing, and in our case specifically sportswear and apparell. Namely t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, shorts and so on. You can see this in the other image below.
Both of these Federal Trademarks were granted to us (National Sportswear Incorporated) by the United States Government.
So now you know what a Trademark is.
Ours is National Sportswear and this is the name for which we have always conducted business under. In other words, it has been our identity since the founding of our company in Worcester Massachusetts.

National Sportswear ® is a “non-contestable” United States Federal Trademark
owned by National Sportswear Incorporated

Domain name?

Domain name is the Url or address of our website
As you will note, it is the same as our Trademarks and our corporation name,
all of which are our identity.

When did we register our name online?
You can search it through the link above.

Since we’ve been online, we have made a huge presence across the entire United States of America with customers in every state. In many counties, cities and towns within each state.

Although our maine purpose is to grow our presence in the USA.
It expands well beyond our borders.

One Name, One Domain!

National Sportswear Incorporated
National Sportswear ®

National Sportswear ® Registered Trademarks

View both IC25 and IC40 HERE


“We will always protect our name…”


Because it’s the ONLY ONE we have!


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 National Sportswear Trademark 1 – IC Code 40 is # 3073167
National Sportswear Trademark 2 – IC Code 25 is # 3222274


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