National Sportswear Footprint

national sportswear footprint

National Sportswear Footprint

National Sportswear footprint is about lowering our carbon footprint. Pretty simple?
Not really. But everyone needs to make an effort and so we do our part.
Since we began our company back in 1999, energy consumption and pollution to our environment has been our priority.

We do not use gas ovens (never have). Gas ovens consume gas and gas is the result of fracking in the United States. One of the world’s largest environment disasters is happening right now even as you are reading this.
There is a large fracture in California releasing tons of gas intonational sportswear footprint the atmosphere by the hour!
The gas being released is highly toxic and adding to our already fractured ozone layer. No thanks!

We have worked diligently for the past two years building our new facility which consists of “only” LED lighting.
LED lighting has proven to be the lowest consumer of electric power for light. Just to give you an idea of how little energy it consumes. We found out that we can illuminate over 200 florescent LED lights on a single 20 amp circuit. This is ten times more light then the average florescent light or ten times less energy consumed.

Where else do we conserve energy?

Some companies use electric servo driven presses. We use air.
We have a very good reason for doing this. On an electric servo driven press, you need electricity for just about every part of that press to move. You need a motor for the press to go up and down. A motor to make the press turn. A motor to make the squeegees go in one direction and another motor to make them go in the opposite direction. That’s a lot of motors and a lot of motors means more electricity.
What we use here at National Sportswear is air and a special inline system we developed ourselves.

The difference?
About 35-50% less consumption of power!

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