North Carolina Corporation

national sportswear north carolina corporation

National Sportswear North Carolina Corporation

National Sportswear is a North Carolina corporation and this is our certificate

National Sportswear a North Carolina Corporation
Yes, this is us!

National Sportswear is incorporated in North Carolina, as well as other states
that you can view thru the links below on this page.

By law, no two companies can have the same incorporation name in any one state.
Each state requires that you register your corporation name in order to pay taxes in that state.
This “also holds true” for the Federal Government or the Department of Internal Revenue Services.

This is why it is good practice to check company I.D’s “before” you do business with them.
It protects you as a consumer. Never rely on just what people tell you. After all, they could be lying.

Ask for records, documentation, certificates of incorporation.
Obviously, no company is going to release all of their information.

They need to also protect themselves against fraud.
However, no company should deny you the opportunity to view their incorporation certificate.
If they do, they are most likely trying to hide something from you.

Florida | New Jersey | Massachusetts

We believe in fair business,
100% transparency and consumer protection.

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