National Sportswear New Jersey Corporation

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National Sportswear a New Jersey Corporation

National Sportswear is a “registered” New Jersey Corporation
located at 3600 Route 66, Suite 150, Neptune, NJ 07753
Below is our “corporate certificate” issued to us
by the Department of Treasury of the State of New Jersey.

National Sportswear New Jersey Corporation Certification

1- In every State of the United States of America the Department of Revenue states that no two corporations may conduct business in that state with the same name or identity.

2- It is an act of “fraud” to register a DBA of an already existing corporation’s identity if you are aware of that corporation’s existence in your state.
We are in fact a registered and tax paying corporation in the state of New Jersey conducting business under the corporate name and identity of National Sportswear Incorporated.

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National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated

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New Jersey National Sportswear Incorporated
Above, Business “Entity Records.”


Our address in New Jersey at
3600 State Route 66 Ste 150, Neptune, NJ 07753
is temporarily closed due to specific hardships caused by a company and its attorney in Northern New Jersey in a frivolous, harassing and unwarranted attempt on the cancellations of two of our United States Federal Trademarks.
The results of their attack was dismissed by
the TTAB Judges (The Federal Trademark Courts) with prejudice on our behalf. As the three Federal Judges pointed out in their dismissal of this frivolous cancellation, 1- National Sportswear is indeed our Identity, 2- National Sportswear is our Federal Trademark(s) and are “Non Contestable and 3- This other company by contractual agreement was not allowed to pursue these cancellations.
We have filed a grievance against their attorney on several accounts. One being a “frivolous lawsuit.” We will update our customers on that progress as soon as we have received the proper finalized written notifications and documentation from the New Jersey Bar Association and Ethics Committee, and the courts.

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If it doesn’t say
It’s not National Sportswear ®

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We believe in fair business,
100% transparency and consumer protection.


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national sportswear new jersey corporation is a registered tax paying corporation of the State of New Jersey through the Department of Revenue.
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