Incorporation of National Sportswear

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New Jersey

North Carolina


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These are the states that we are incorporated in and in these four states the Department of Revenue “ONLY” recognizes us as the “ONLY” NATIONAL SPORTSWEAR Incorporated.
It is Federal & State Fraud to register a DBA “knowing” that a corporation already exists with the same name that you intend to register.
To use another person’s or company’s DBA certification and make claim that it is you, is considered fraud.

National Sportswear Trademark

National Sportswear also owns its own Registered United States Federal Trademark.
This Trademark “NATIONAL SPORTSWEAR” is a non-contestable Trademark through the United States Federal Government at the USPTO.GOV which is the United States Patent and Trademark Office Website.
So if you do not see this character ” ® ” beside the National Sportswear name, like this ” National Sportswear ® ” then it simply is not us and is most likely a fraud, an impersonator, an imposter or simply put, a pirate acting upon identity theft.

Attempting to register a similar and confusing Trademark knowing prior to registration that another company owns the Registered Trademark is “Fraud.

Registering a similar and confusing Trademark, one that is not exactly the same is admittance to not owning or ever owning that Trademark.
Claiming a Trademark is yours when you have never used it “legally” is fraud.

The importance of legitimacy.

Altering images in even the slightest form and presenting them as legal evidence in any court is fraud.
Using someone else’s company ( even after that company is inactive) documents in a court and presenting them and making claim that those documents are you, is fraud.
Requesting information from a company while disguising who you are is fraud.
Making false claims or presenting false allegations as witness is contempt of court.

Written by Duncan Benedict CEO
National Sportswear Incorporated

National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated

One Name, One Domain