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Incorporation of National Sportswear

Choose from any of these four links below to view our incorporation certificates and corporation identifications.


New Jersey

North Carolina


Click any of the above links to see our Incorporation certification for each individual State Department of Revenue.

These are the states that we are incorporated in and in these four states the Department of Revenue “ONLY” recognizes us as the “ONLY” NATIONAL SPORTSWEAR Incorporated.
It is Federal & State Fraud to register a DBA “knowing” that a corporation already exists with that same name. The penalty is minimum 5 years inprison. So don’t do the crime unless you’re willing to do the time.
It is our “IDENTITY” and through our identity, we pay taxes to these states. Therefore, we are the “ONLY” National Sportswear paying taxes as National Sportswear Incorporated in these four states and naturally the United States Federal Government, Department of Internal Revenue Services (IRS).

National Sportswear Trademark

National Sportswear also owns its own Registered United States Federal Trademark.
This Trademark “NATIONAL SPORTSWEAR” is a non-contestable Trademark through the United States Federal Government at the USPTO.GOV which is the United States Patent and Trademark Office Website.
So if you do not see this character ” ® ” beside the National Sportswear name, like this ” National Sportswear ® ” then it simply is not us and is most likely a fraud, an impersonator, an imposter or simply put, a pirate acting upon identity theft.

Attempting to register a similar and confusing Trademark knowing prior to registration that another company owns the Registered Trademark is “Fraud.
Doing this after receiving notification of seize and desist is a crime punishable by prison time.

Because anyone who registers a Federal Trademark must acknowledge by signing and agreeing to the Federal Trademark Terms of registration ” that they are unaware of any other person or entity using the same trademark that they are applying for.”

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The importance of legitimacy.

You may have thought you had known someone your entire life. This person may have even gone out of their way to open doors for you, cook you dinner and pay for things. Remember what I said, this was the nicest person you had ever met.
Try to keep in mind that humans are social creatures and unfortunately you are not the only person they know. Furthermore, it could very likely be that they are hurting someone else and through their cunning ability, able to disguised all of this to you through their absolute kindness.
This is the proven psychological behavior of predators.  They are perfect lying machines, able to disguise this type of behavior. Whether it be through sleight of words or cunning behavior.
Rise above it and make the decision, you have that power. It’s called the freedom of choice. And never the less, it is your choice.
Knowing this, would it make this person you’ve known your entire life a true friend?
Only you can answer this question, because it is a fine line between ethically correct and morally wrong.
If your best friend voluntarily and without remorse killed someone, but obviously didn’t kill you… is he still your best friend?

Of course, this may seem like the overkill ( no pun intended) kind of analogy, but never the less… it is an analogy.

A famous musician from Vancouver Canada, Getty Lee wrote these lyrics in one of his songs ” Freewill” and it goes like this “ If you choose not to decide You still have made a choice.

Ponder that for a moment.

When you were born, regardless of what country you were born in, the Government of that country issued you a Social Security or Social Insurance number. This number identifies you as the “ONLY YOU” and when you reach a certain age and wonder off to experience the world, you will need a source of income to pay for your ventures and out of this income, you will need to pay our wonderful Government something called taxes.  After all you may need roads to drive down to reach those destinations and this is your price of freedom.
Your mother has a social security number by which she pays taxes, your father has one, your grand parents each have one and so forth.
The whole purpose is to avoid confusion through your life and maintain “your identity.”
And, even though your grandfather was here before you, ” HE DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO CLAIM YOUR NAME,” it’s your “IDENTITY”… Trust me, Uncle Sam will never stand for it!

Other crimes one should consider not to act upon are altering photographs that you present to Judges or in court ( Perjurry) presenting unsigned documents and making claim to them as being you or your ( Perjury & Fraud), using witnesses who make false testimonies ( fraud) in court documents. The list goes on and all punishable by prison time.

So there you have it folks. If you think for one minute of your life that you can escape the law or the courts of our land by commiting acts of fraud, perjurry, contempt, consumer deception, piracy of other’s identity or profitting off of others.
You are in for on big miserable rude awakening when the gavle comes down.

The United States judicial system was implemented over several hundreds of years and it all began with our forefathers and the declaration of independance and civil rights. No single man or woman is so above our laws that they can commit such acts of deceptiveness and crimes and forever get away with it.

As an American who’s familly of generations has served our nation in arms, I grew up with the right ethics and morals instilled in me by my parents, my grandparents and those before them. From Captains to Admirals, a true American I am.
I stand by American Laws, I breathe by American Laws, and so I fight by American Laws too. I fight for all True Americans and the rights and civil rights by which our forefathers faught as well. “Truth, Liberty and above all else, Justice for all.

Written by Duncan Benedict CEO
National Sportswear Incorporated

National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated

One Name, One Domain