The real History of National Sportswear

History of National Sportswear ®

Our history dates back way before 1999.
It began with our founder and CEO Duncan Benedict more than 35 years ago.
Mr. Benedict is world renown for his great achievements in the Art World and sportswear, namely surf wear.
He has designed multi-million dollar Surf Industry sportswear for top names.
Not to mention, he’s designed for some pretty darn famous people and brands too. People such as Suzanne Summers, Ben Hogan and companies like L.A. Cool, Wipeout Gear, Serengetee, Pacific Creations,
Ocean Promotion, Colibri, StrideRite, New Balance and many others.
(Even Coca-Cola!)

But his biggest achievement is what he has done and continues to do for children around the world.

The Benedict family has been helping those who are vulnerable and in need for many years.
From building a children’s Hospital in Worcester MA to raising money to build orphanages in the U.S.A. to places as far away as China and Africa.
As a matter of fact, Our Founder and still CEO ( Duncan Benedict) has been awarded the Presidential Gold Medal for helping foster children around the country and beyond.

From medals of achievement by the Government to awards from well known organizations, such as Boy Scouts of America.
Our work is never done.

National Sportswear ® began with one name
and one name only National Sportswear Incorporated.
And when few people believed in the internet,
we took to the information highway and pioneered it with our website

We leveled the playing field.

Before even Google was conceived of,
Our Founder and CEO Duncan knew that there were many communities out there who needed to be served, served with the same fairness as those found in cities.

These communities were too far away from the cities to receive a fair handshake or price for that matter.
So he took the city to them.
By being one of the first custom sportswear decorating companies online, National Sportswear took to the information highway and innovated this industry to what you see today.

We introduced free shipping nationwide and zero set up fees, no artwork services and a few other nice perks.
Of course with this, many others began to follow suit and others even used our name.


That’s how the real National Sportswear ® was built.
Some say it was a gamble.
Our founder said it was a necessity.

National Sportswear History


National Sportswear Incorporated

and naturally, our United States Federal Trademark…
National Sportswear ®

About our LOGO

National SportswearIt’s called “The Bolt”
When you see it, You’ll know it’s us.

Also, when you see the
Registered “R” as it is show here behind our name National Sportswear ® you will know it’s the Authentic or real National Sportswear ®

And who else would own the real DOT COM with OUR NAME other than us?
No one.

An American Tradition! ™

We are a company that cares about you.
A company with hometown values.
And a company that understands your needs.

And, a company that acts responsibly.
We are an eco-friendly company.

National Sportswear’s history speaks for itself…
We’ve always been National Sportswear,
we’ll always be National Sportswear.
View Our Portfolio Of Clients Here.

And now you know who we are.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

If it doesn’t say
It’s not National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated

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