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National Sportswear copyright is an outline of what you can use and what you can not use from this website that pertains to United States Copyright laws, infringement or usage.

By being on this website you “are agreeing” to these terms and conditions.
We do monitor and record not only IP addresses, but “actual computer serial Id numbers”
Using proxy servers does not mask your computer ID.
National Sportswear Incorporated stores all data on off site storage devices in case it is required for legal purpose. We do not share this information. The information is stored on an off server database where it can only be accessed by our employees and legal team.

All material contained on our website is copyrighted material ( 1999 – 2016). You do not have permission to duplicate, reproduce it, store it, or upload it to other sites, personal or company computers, search engines or share it without our ( National Sportswear Incorporated) expressed permission in writing which comes in the form of a paper document and signed by our Chief Executive Officer.

No material may be reproduced electronically, mechanically or by any other means including but not limited to sketching, hand drawing, painting, computer reproduction, electronic copying or electronic screen shots using computer software or digital or mechanical cameras or camera devices.

Electronically means, either downloading the file and manipulating portions of it, copying the image to an electronic clipboard, then inserting it into emails, websites or other software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Sai, Window Paintshop or other such programs to re work the images, artwork or even the words within the copyright material or inserting into emails for any form of electronic redistribution.

Some artwork on this site belongs to partners or customers who have given us permission to use. These pieces are included in this copyright agreement between you ( the visitor) and us (National Sportswear Incorporated). You agree that “all” material, logos, words, slogans, pictures, images, photos, specific verbiage and the layout, looks and appearance of this website, including but not limited to the manner in which it is organized, search terms, tags, html, javascript and marketing material and techniques are the sole property of National Sportswear Incorporated and it’s partners. Using this website ( including visiting it) is your acceptance to the terms and conditions of this copyright notice.
You computer Identification number and serial number is your signature of acceptance. If you loaned your computer to someone else and they visited this website, you accept the responsibility on their behalf through ownership of the computer used.

Purchasing sportswear does not entitle you to any ownership of the design.
If you ordered custom sportswear from National Sportswear Incorporated and you supplied us with your own design or a design that we improved on for you. You are fully responsible for any legalities that may arise by providing us with material that is copyrighted or owned by someone else other than yourself. You are providing us with the artwork and you will be responsible for any copyright infringement that may occur from it. National Sportswear Incorporated can not be held responsible from legalities that arise from artwork that you supplied us (National Sportswear Incorporated) We do not have the ability to track where you got your artwork from. We can only tell you, do not supply us with copyright artwork if you do not have the owner’s permission to use it.

The purchase of the National Sportswear ® brand doe snot give you any exclusivity or rights to it’s designs or copyright designs. By buying National Sportswear ® you agree that it is solely for the purpose of wearing it. If you purchase National Sportswear ® as a gift to someone else, you and that person are agreeing to these terms of copyright. Purchasing the National Sportswear® Brand is a license to wear such material in public or private.

For our Lifetime Warranty information, please read about it in our Lifetime Warranty sections or on the Lifetime Warranty card that comes with your sportswear.

Only those pieces or sportswear specified by National Sportswear Incorporated to carry the National Sportswear Lifetime Warranty are covered.

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And search engine usage. Search engine time to time may spider this website for results to post. If the search engine is a service that provides results for it’s users and or readers.
Then the search engine is free to use our information in “good faith”. If any of this website is uploaded to a search engine by you ( the user) without our (National Sportswear Incorporated) permission, that you are bound by the copyright terms of service. “Only” search engine spiders, National Sportswear Incorporated staff, search engine staff are allowed to post this website date.
If you intend to post this website data, remember, your computer ID (serial number) which is unique to “only” your computer is logged. If this data serial number matches the serial number logged by any search engine. You will be legally responsible, should your intent be for malicious purposes, including but not limited to search engine de-optimization of this website or to use in a manner which may optimize another website other than this one ( National Sportswear Incorporated reserves the right to request computer data and share it’s computer data of visitors for the purpose of matching information. At times, National Sportswear Incorporated will work with search engines to share computer ID serial numbers for the protection of both entities and consumers alike.
Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo, Infoseek, Wekepedia, Exact Seek and other search engines have the expressed permission to use data from for search engine entries provided that the information has been gathered by their own spiders or own staff. “No one other than these entities has the permission to submit to search engines without our ( National Sportswear Incorporated ) written consent.

National Sportswear Incorporated has the right to change, alter or modify this copyright terms and conditions information at any time. We continually update our website and these copyright terms and conditions of usage of this site is part of this website and may need updating as we see fit.

Copyright National Sportswear Incorporated 1999 – 2018

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