National Sportswear ® Awards

It’s about helping others and it’s about helping our communities…

Our founder comes from a family with a very long line of members who have been giving back to society in more ways than one.
From donating medical buildings for children’s hospitals to the founding of Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy.
He has had the best kind of mentoring anyone could ask for. And he continues his family tradition by doing his part through National Sportswear Incorporated.

We hope you enjoy viewing some of the awards both him and his wife have received over the years. We can’t show all of them, but we will certainly show some that we are quite proud of. These awards are but symbols that represent the kind of ethics and morals we at National Sportswear are proud to be a part of.

It is always difficult to know where to begin, so we will begin by dedicating this section of our website to our founder’s Grandfather Admiral Lauren S. McCready, one of the founders of The United States of America Merchant Marine Academy ” Kings Point “. First Head of the Engineering Department, founded the Nuclear Power Engineering curriculum, commissioned by the President of the United States to outfit the first nuclear powered cargo vessel, “the NS Savannah” with it’s nuclear powered power train and led the Officer Training for the ship. And was the recipient of the Department of Commerce Gold Medal.

Huge steps to follow in, but not a far sight when mentored by your own Grandfather.

This Presidential Watch was awarded to our Founder for his support of the President of the United States and tax reform as well as helping small business.

Natioan Sportswear Presidential Watch Award

It is everyone’s wish to get a gold watch, but few imagine it would come from the President himself.

Our CEO has also received a Gold Medal Award from The President for his contributions to helping Foster Children and other less fortunate.

Another award we are very proud of receiving and as grateful for it as we are honored for receiving it.
This award was awarded to Shuling our Vice President and wife of our founder for her many years of service and dedication to one of our oldest and dearest clients The Boy Scouts of America.

boyscout award for National Sportswear

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