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About Us National Sportswear ® is a short description of our brand, our services and the founding and history of our company.

It’s here to inspire visitors such as yourself and provide with some interesting facts about our company. In doing so, it is our hope to provide enjoyable reading and therefore give you the opportunity to get to know us better.

Founded in the historic city of Worcester, Massachusetts, perhaps by no mistake, maybe even a little push of fate. Because Worcester is well known for the Smiley face, an American icon found on t-shirts and other collectibles.

Remember this cute and happy little yellow fellow?

smiley face worcester MA National Sportswear customer

Of course, you do. He’s everywhere. Including on t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, postcards and more. What does this little yellow fellow have to do with National Sportswear ®?
He is the creation of Harvey Ross Ball, who also happens to be one of our very first customers. Imagine that!

admire national sportswear emoticon

Harvey’s smiley face has become so popular, that even today it has transitioned its way into computer land and what we all now know as the emoticon.

You could even say he is the grandfather of emoticons!

There’s just no better way to start a business than with a smile!

National Sportswear Logo

Designer at large

Like Harvey himself, our CEO Duncan is a Graphic Designer too.
However, his talents go far beyond graphics alone. He was the Art Director for the largest holographic imagery company in the World, where he designed holographic 3D logos and designs for companies such as Visa, Microsoft, Walt Disney Corporation, and yes, Dragon Ball-Z and Pokemon too.

ponder idea

Music Industry Designer

As Art Director for one of the most prominent music industry publishers, he designed posters, advertising, t-shirts and concert paraphernalia and more. He did this for the likes of Alice Cooper, Micheal Jackson, Tina Turner, Prince, ELO, BTO, Stix, Corey Hart, and the list goes on.
After leaving the record producing industry, he furthered his talents as the Art Director for a prominent music magazine, where he enjoyed working with a vast array of radio stations. Including QC100, the first stand up high definition CD-Rom station in North America where he got to meet bands on a more personal level. Bands such as the Black Crows, Tom Cochran, David Bowie, and Saga, to name a few.
But he doesn’t stop there.

Fine Artist with a cause

As a Fine Artist, he has exhibited his works in shows around the globe to help raise awareness and much-needed money for orphanages. As a result, many of his paintings hang in the homes of art collectors from British Columbia to California and Britain to Taiwan.

Zebras by Duncan Benedict_Copyright 1990 World Wildlife

A deeper knowledge of sportswear

Duncan’s knowledge of sportswear decoration and design of sportswear wallops a punch that is second to none in this industry. Thereby establishing our slogan. “When second best won’t do.”
Anyone who has met him will concur.

As the senior designer for a top name surfing apparel company. He’s designed pieces that have sold well into the millions. From the beaches of Hawaii to those in Japan and Australia to Costa Rica. His designs have shown side by side of the likes of Billabong, Quicksilver, Maui and Sons, Body Glove and more.

This is the founding spirit of National Sportswear Incorporated.

national sportswear logo

About Us & our Spirit

In the true spirit of our name.
It’s not about us, it’s about you.
The customer!

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  1. Perhaps we’ll need to add more information about how we helped foster children and foster homes around the country.
    How the CEO’s uncle donated the Children’s Hospital in Worcester.
    And how National Sportswear helps children in small villages in Africa.
    Maybe the awards we’ve received from the Presidents and Boy Scouts of America?
    These are probably good points to put here.
    Oh yes, maybe add the information about how the CEO donated paintings in Taiwan that auctioned for over $100,000 each and all proceeds went to orphanages there too.
    These are great issues that National Sportswear customers might like to know.

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