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It’s a rude awakening when you find yourself fighting for what is rightfully your own “Identity.”

What’s worse is when people question who you are simply because an imposter uses sleight of words and deceptive photos,  while avoiding the legal facts of what really is and what is not.

Welcome to a reality check.

Today, I will shine the light on what is real and what is fake or “fictitious.
The answer I provide you isn’t fogged up with  disillusion or pathological misrepresentation of the truth.
The truth is very plain. And thus should be.

So read on!

As the word itself implies, “fictitious” means fake. We’ve all read books growing up (at least I would hope so) and we would have all known the differences between a fiction novel and a non fiction book.
If you want to read a good adventure story, chances are you would pick up a book like Harry Potter. Harry Potter is a fantasy story and like all fantasy stories, they are called fiction books. They provide some sort of entertainment that alludes to magic, dreams and simply put, things that are intriguing to us because they would not exist in the real world. Like when magicians do magical tricks or sleight of hand. We are amazed, but deep down we all know it is nothing but an illusion to impress us.

Pretty simple sand straight to the point, right?

Fiction, fictitious, fake. Call it what you like. But in the end, it is what it implies “fictitious” or in the lack of a better term “not real.”

The fiction book is written in such a manner that the author takes you on a wonderful journey. One that you know from the first or second page is a story of entertainment, a journey for which you just can’t wait until the end. After all, if you honestly believe in flying brooms and dragons that blow fire and waving little magical wands that kill enormous beasts. Than I have two words for you, psychological therapy.

These are merely fragments of someone’s imagination.

And thus we come to fictitious company names, fake names, alternate names and / or doing business as names. These are also fragments of someone’s imagination. And why they hold NO legal protection of any sort in any court of law.
For all intensive purpose, try filling a law suit against a fictitious name and see how far that gets you… right out the door. A law suit such as this would be dismissed before you had a chances to put up your hand and say ” But, but, your honor?”
If you filled litigation against Mark Twain and you found yourself standing in court with Samuel Adams, ” which indeed you would.”
You would have an absolute zero case and it would be tossed out faster then your pen will hit the floor in amazement.
Real names lie within the corporate identity.
And that is perhaps why a fictitious name is a lie in itself.
Make no mistake about it.
If you for one split second believe that you could walk into the Department of Revenue of your state and pay your taxes under a fictitious name, I would lay the best odds that your reception will be met with either a room full of laughter or a lot of folk who simply feel sorry for you.

When the final hammer slams down…

You may sleep well knowing National Sportswear Incorporated, like every “major city in the USA” is incorporated and recognized by the United States Department of Revenue as the “only” National Sportswear Incorporation in the United States of America.

To put it simpler, it is our corporate Identity and there simply is no other.

Peace Out!
Duncan Benedict CEO
National Sportswear
National Sportswear Incorporated


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