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Welcome to the real National Sportswear Incorporated official website. As one of the very first online apparel custom decorators in America, National Sportswear ® offers a massive variety of products from baseball caps to t-shirts, and jackets to tote bags. All topped off with our high quality, advanced custom printing and laser guided embroidery. For several decades, we’ve serviced schools such as MIT, Harvard, Yale and many others, clubs, Churches, companies, non profit organizations and some of the most prominent United States Government Departments, such as the Department of Defense and NASA. They come to us because we give them the professional look they deserve. Furthermore, we do this with our guaranteed lowest price from New York to Los Angeles with a quality that is unmatched. Oh yes, did we mention we were one of the very first online to provide custom decorated apparel?

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These are just a few our customers.

When others copy you it means you’re doing something right!

National Sportswear Inc., has always led by example. Being first online gave us the opportunity to pave the way for others to follow. We introduced free shipping, no machine setup fees or hidden charges, such as professional artwork services. We’ve done this for several decades now and we did it to level the playing field for everyone.
How does this benefit customers like yourself?
Regardless of your geographical location within the United States,
you are going to pay the very same price as anyone else.
It doesn’t get any more fair than this!

As for our brand of clothing called National Sportswear ®?
It’s one of the few brands in the world
that carry a Lifetime Warranty!
Perhaps even the only brand with this kind of warranty.


Because Second Best Won’t Do!

If we’re good enough to
embroider for NASA…

Nasa Embroidery by National Sportswear

… are we good enough for you?

Our pride and reputation travels
far beyond the confines of our walls.
One might even say,
we’ve taken them where no one has gone before.
Expect no less than incredible service, quality and prices.

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If we’re good enough
to print t-shirts for Marvel…

custom wolverine t-shirt by National Sportswear

… are we good enough
to print yours?

See Us In Action!

People make promises while we deliver them. Free professional Artwork services from the best artist in the business. Forget those online do it yourself sites. If you want professional looking results, you need professional designers to do it for you.

Watch more artwork created by us here!
Turn up your speakers and enjoy the music!

The National Sportswear ® philosophy
is a very simple one.
” Don’t just do your best, be second to none.”
It was this philosophy endowed on us
by our founder Duncan Benedict and why customers like
Stan Lee put his faith in our abilities.

Always honored to serve you.

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When you’re ready for us…

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…we’re ready to serve you!

A few samples of our work

Real National Sportswear ® pride!

“Big orders, little orders, easy orders or hard.
We’re here for you.”

National Sportswear
national sportswear

A Large Variety of products!
T-shirts, jackets, caps, tote bags and more.

“View thousands of products and brands in our catalog”

Look for our Wheel of Fortune!

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Look for it when it rolls out and click to play!

QUOTES are 24/7 and they’re 100% FREE!

Founded in Worcester Massachusetts, with offices in Charlotte North Carolina, Orlando Florida, Marlboro MA & Neptune New Jersey.
National Sportswear Incorporated
A United States Registered Corporation.
Registered corporation of NC, FL, MA and NJ
An authorized registered corporation with
the Department of Revenue of the United States of America

What happens when someone tries to steal your name?
Click here.

Welcome to the official site and authentic National Sportswear ®

Affordable Custom Embroidery

This example of a custom embroidery shows the fine detail we are able to achieve. We have few limitations. An embroidered piece like this costs as little as $5 based on a specific quantity ordered.

It is not a patch. We do actual embroidery right onto the garment itself. This ensures you of a lifetime durability you would otherwise not get from a patch.

Where are we located?

We have several locations in the United States and we are a registered corporation in all of them.
Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Our corporate name and identity in each state is
“National Sportswear Incorporated.”

The “National Sportswear” truth

National Sportswear ® is our famous brand of clothing which carries our “Lightning Bolt” logo and our non conditional Lifetime Warranty. And while we are known nationwide and in other countries for our brand. We are also a brick and mortar company that supplies custom silkscreen printing, custom embroidery and other decorations on different types of apparel. Hence, an American factory that pretty much enjoys what it does. However, what we are really famous for was our introduction on the web of free shipping nationwide, zero screen charges, no artwork fees and no hidden surprises. The purpose was to give everyone from New York to L.A. ( and every place between) the very same pricing. In other words, no exceptions.

Ethical company model

If you look closely enough at our blue oval logo, you will recognize our Trademarked Lightning Bolt Logo in the bottom center.
Our philosophy has always been to maintain a transparency about ourselves. It just makes honest down to Earth sense. This is why we are incorporated as National Sportswear Incorporated, own the registered and non contestable Federal Trademark National Sportswear ® and of course own
Our identity not only helps our consumers recognize us, but separates facts from fiction.
The quality of our craftsmanship is also backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

If we’re good enough for them,
are we good enough for you?

Take a look at what we do for them,
then let us know what you’d like us to do for you!

| Piggly Wiggly | Navy Exchange |

“We believe in Equal Opportunity.”

As one of the very first custom t-shirt printing and sportswear decorating companies online, we introduced no setup fees, free artwork services and
free door to door delivery across the entire United States of America.
We introduced these free services because it was our model to leveling the playing field across the nation for all customers.

Our model was designed to give a customer in Akron or Amherst Ohio the same opportunity to buy their custom apparel for the exact same price a customer in Manhattan New York or Boston Massachusetts would pay.

“So regardless of where you live in the USA,
National Sportswear ® is always here for you.”

Transparency means honesty

Our Federal Trademark “National Sportswear ®”
Our Corporate identity “National Sportswear”
And , this is our domain “”

One Name, One Domain ™

National Sportswear –
100% Incorporated

We don’t hide behind ghost names, DBA’s, Fictitious Names, Alternate names or even LLC (Limited Liability Company) names.
It is our strong belief that trust only comes with responsibility.
Therefore, we choose the responsible choice
by incorporating our name which is our identity…
National Sportswear Incorporated.
“In commerce, this is known as taking care of the consumer.”

Just a few points about us

  • 100% American Owned and Operated.
  • Factory Direct
  • Wholesale Prices
  • 1,000 of products
  • Personal Service & Quality
  • First Online
  • Free Shipping in the United States
  • No Artwork, set-up or screen fees
  • Expedited services
  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices in the U.S.A!
  • First Online
  • ICANN Member
  • Awards for Service

We use inks in a much different way than most printers do. While the average printing company is concerned about printing your apparel and getting paid it. We’d rather to go that extra mile and find ways that just make your gear look better. This is why we use 3D puff, glow in the dark, metal flakes, reflective inks, florescent, fades, suede and other types of specialty inks. We don’t use them because we’re different, we use them because we’re experienced.

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