92064690-2 is the result of an attack on our Federal Trademarks in the USA – TTAB

92064690-2 is the result of a frivolous, criminal and harassing attack by a company in Northern New Jersey and their attorney on our Federal Trademarks and our identity.
Prior to the final dismissal both parties were notified of their numerous breaches on a Settlement Agreement signed by that company and its law firm acknowledging their agreement to not pursue such actions.
They were given opportunity to cure.
But neglected to take the proper actions to do so.
To date, neither this company or its attorney complied to our demands.
That case was dismissed in its entirety on our behalf.
And thus we continue to own
all Federal Trademarks for National Sportswear.
We have filed a grievance against their attorney with the New Jersey Bar association and Ethics committee.
Once we receive the final written notification by the Association, we will keep our clients and vendors posted regarding those results and what further actions we intend to take against both that company and its attorney (s).

In the end, Justice is always served.

Also, if you suspect anyone using our Trademark
or anyone else’s Trademark
you may always report it here with this United States Federal Agency.
national intellectual property rights coordination center

Attempting to steal a corporation’s or persons identity is a crime!

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