92064690-2 is the result

92064690-2 is the result of a frivolous and rather nerving attack by a company in New jersey who not only signed a “Settlement Agreement” but also recognized the National Sportswear was our Federal Trademark.

As these Judges pointed out, “You can not use one court to attack another courts decision.”
They also publically posted the very Settlement Agreement which contains vital information and therefore defaming the National Sportswear name and integrity in the eyes of the public.

They also breached the very settlement agreement by causing this action and they’ve been notified.
To date, they have not taken action to rectify their breaches.


You can move your mouse over the image to see the page down
to read the entire document.

Also, if you suspect anyone using our Trademark
or anyone else’s Trademark
report it here.
national intellectual property rights coordination center

This is an image of what can be seen on search engingessuch as Bing
of the type of defaming caused by this attacker.


These types of damages cause National Sportswear Incorporated in excess of $500 – $1,000 per day.
It is “defaming” our integrity, our name, our Trademark, and especially our IDENTITY.

Our attorney sent this company ” and it’s attorney” a request to remove the confidentiality agreement to which this other party signed and is recorded with their District Court. To date, they have not even responded. The damages to date are in excess of $750,000 ( seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars) and counting.

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