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Welcome to National Sportswear ®

When it comes to cheaply priced custom t-shirt printing or inexpensive custom embroidery for yourself, company, church, or school.
All you need to do is ask our customers how they feel about us.
For the
finest apparel and sportswear brands available in the USA,
shop National Sportswear Incorporated.

Just one year after Google ® was Founded,
National Sportswear ® began its online voyage.
As one of the very first online custom apparel and sportswear companies,
our goal was to reach out across America and create an equal opportunity for all.
If we were not the first,
we were certainly among the first to introduce free shipping nationwide.

While other companies still remained doubtful about the information highway.
We had our vision and sights finely focused on our goals.
Almost every brick and mortar company,
including those online,
charged $50 setup fees, $50 per screen charges,
artwork fees and other rather rediculous hidden charges.
Or, they just made you do 
it yourself.

We simply offered it all for free.

We’ve been doing this online since 1999!


“Today, we continue to pave the info highway with our innovative ideas.
For instance, our no hassle one price fits all t-shirt printing.”

That’s right.
No more wasting valuable time trying to find the lowest price.

Why spend $50 of your time to save ten cents per shirt?
If you ordered 100 t-shirts you would have wasted $40 just to save $10.
And don’t forget about all those hidden charges.

So, to keep things simple.
We are introducing our

$0.50 a color printing.

And we still deliver your order free of shipping charges. We do not charge any screen fees or bizzare setup fees.
Simply because we refuse to break away from our traditions.
That’s why we’re the Authentic

National Sportswear ®
After all, It’s in Our Url
Don’t take our word for it…
View samples of what we’ve actually done for our customers here!


“Our thoughts and prayers go out to Stan Lee, his family and friends.
Stan was a hero to many and a close friend of ours.”

We’ll miss you in life, but you’ll always remain in our thoughts and hearts!
Duncan Benedict, CEO & Founder
National Sportswear Incorporated

Stan Lee X-Men t-shirt printed by National Sportswear Incorporated
One of the t-shirts we printed for Stan.
(Please, no requests. It is not for sale.)

You can read more about us and our corporation here.

50 cents printing

On thousands of items
Such as Lanyards, t-shirts, caps, polos, jackets and more.



Embroidery $4

For 7,000 stitches.
cheap custom embroidery
On thousands of items, such as caps, shirts, jackets and more.


T-Shirts $2.50

Order 100 white t-shirts  s-xl
cheap white t-shirts small image
and get one color printed on one side and delivered free.


Students across America are no strangers to frugality.
After all, with the high cost of tuition, dorms and school supplies,
there’s hardly enough left for you to eat a decent meal.
This is why we offer our student customers 10% off.
Use your savings to buy a healthy, hearty meal.
You can click on any of the images below to view samples of actual work
we’ve done for students in every corner of the country.
Even in other parts of the World.

harvard university t-shirt custom printed by national sportswear
northwestern university logo t-shirt by national sportswear
national sportswear john hopkins t-shirt

Ask us anything, anytime.
We are here 24 hours -7 days a week
National Sportswear toll free telephone number for twety four hour seven days a week service
We understand your hectic schedule.

You are not a student, but rather an artist instead?

national sportswear alaska indian art t-shirt design

Whether you are a fine artist, graphic artist, musician, actor or actress,
a juggler, photographer, stand up comedian or

We understand your on a tight budget.

Order any combination of 20 t-shirts,
tank tops, sweatshirts or hoodies

Mix and match them anyway you like
and get two free t-shirts in your order

Click any of the images below to view samples of the work
we’ve done for artists everywhere!


Ask us anything, anytime.
We are here 24 hours -7 days a week
National Sportswear toll free telephone number for twety four hour seven days a week service
On tour? We can ship to your hotel free!

You are one of our women or men defending our nation.


The Women and Men that serve our nation
do it to help those in need all over the world.
Everyday when they go to work,
they selfishly put their own lives at risk.
They do this to save others.
We think they deserve the same respect and
act of kindness, so we give them our best.
And we do this for less.



Longest lasting silkscreen printing in the nation.
So much so, we gave it a Lifetime Warranty!

You can view samples of our work for the men and women who serve us by clicking any of the following images.

Ask us anything, anytime.
We are here 24 hours -7 days a week
National Sportswear toll free telephone number for twety four hour seven days a week service
On tour? We can ship to your hotel free!

navy logo by national sportswearnational sportswear and nasa t-shirt logounited states airforce t-shirt custom printed by the real national sportswear

Our Clients are among some of the most reputable people in the USA and around the World.

People such as Pope John Paul II and even Presidents & Vice-Presidents of countries around the globe.
We print and embroider for
Non Profit Organizations like Red Cross, Humane Society, UNICEF and American Heart Association.
All these customers chose us because we care about giving them the best quality we can and we do it at the most affordable prices.
You could say, “they get more bang for their buck.”
Furthermore, in 2002 we were among the largest donors to help the foster children of D.C.
We’ve been awarded some of the highest awards by the Boy Scouts of America all the way up to the President of the United States for our community efforts.
We’ve also been helping children in other parts of the world, such as in Africa.

At National Sportswear ® our customers are not customers.
These are our friends!

National Sportswear cheap custom t-shirt printing new york to Los Angeles and Brunswick Maine to Miami Florida. Our customers are everywhere.

And we hope you will be too!
We’ll not only provide you with the highest quality
custom sportswear in the USA… We save you a bundle of cash too.
Because, that’s what friends are for!

Client Marvel Logo t-shirt by National Sportswear Incsonic drive in restaurant t-shirt by national sportswear inc
navy exchange logo t-shirt by the real national sportswear incorporatedBoyscouts t-shirt logo by National Sportswear
Client S.H.A.D.O T-Shirt Logo by National Sportswear IncorporatedCracked Magazine a National Sportswear Inc Client

New to National Sportswear?
Let us give you 10% Discount,
just for trying us out 🙂

Custom Color T-Shirts Printed for $4.99 ea.
Plus another 10% OFF?.. WOW!

real national sportswear discounts and copyright logo
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 $4 ea.

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$6.89 ea.

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Veteran’s Receive 10% Discounts!

When It Comes To YOU…

national sportswear t-shirt usa no cares logo

HUGE Loyal Customer REWARDS!

Only @NationalSportswear #NationalSportswear

national sportswear brand surfer t shirt own itnational sportswear go for it logo t shirt brandnational sportswear brand logo tank top
go for it national sportswear logo t shirt brandnational sportswear brand ladies logo t shirt longsleeve pinknational sportswear basketball logo brand t shirt


Watch Us In Action

Crank up your speakers and enjoy our Art Department
at work creating a T-Shirt Design!

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National Sportswear ®
One Name, One Domain™
National Sportswear Incorporated
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report IP theftDon’t let cheap impersonators, liars or knock-offs steer you wrong!
There is “only ONE” Real National Sportswear Incorporated.
View Our Corporate Certificates of “Identification” here.

If you or anyone you know encounters anyone trying to convince you
that they were National Sportswear for 50, 60, 70, 80 years or that they are the real deal?
Just Report Them HERE!

We’re the “only” National Sportswear Incorporated in the USA.

It doesn’t get any more REAL than Us!

National Sportswear ®

National Sportswear Incorporated

“One Name, One Domain

National Sportswear Logo

For over two Decades we’ve been a

United States Department of Defense Contractor, a
University t-shirt printing contractor, a provider of custom apparel for
Public and Private Schools nationwide,
a printer and custom embroidery provider for Churches,
non profit organizations and special events custom sportswear provider.
We also produce our own special Brand of Sportswear called – National Sportswear ®

View Our Gallery Of Samples & Clients.

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our sample work.
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Proud to Serve YOU with free shipping.

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Florida, Georgia, *Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine,
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View Samples of the Work We’ve Done
for our customers All Over the United States
and tour our Brand too!

Any States that have an * beside them will have a small added shipping cost.
This added cost  is the difference between ground and air.
These States require Air Freight in order for your packages to arrive.
We pay 100% ground.

Our Goal is to Provide Equal and Fair Pricing Nation Wide.
We do not charge you based on where you are from (or who you are)…
“Everyone pays the same.”

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National Sportswear ®
One Name, One Domain™
National Sportswear Incorporated
Open 24 -7
365 days a year!

Apopka FL, Neptune NJ,
Charlotte NC, Marlboro MA

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It is and will be treated as a crime to data mine content from this website and double the crime if used for unfair business practice or to gain SEO advantage through the usage of any material contrent.
National Sportswear Incorporated has dated policy disclaimers to copyright and reproduction of material content on this site since it’s conception. Being a third party does not in anyway shield you from the law. Copying material for a client does not shield you from the law. Supplying paid services for data mining directly or indirectly does not shield you from the law.
Any reproduction electronically or by “any” means is a criminal offense and will be prosecuted as one.

Any unlawful use of our identity ” National Sportswear ” or our Federal Trademark ” National Sportswear ®” will result in full Federal Prosecution.

If you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime!


Crank up your speakers and watch us in action

Watch  videos of us in action here!
We’ve been designing t-shirts, surfwear, skatewear, skiwear and many others for almost 40 years!
As a matter of fact, our Founder,CEO and still today “owner” was Head Designer for L.A.Cool, Pacific Creations and Ocean Promotion, just to name a few one the giants among surf companies such as Maui & Son, Banana Republic, Body Glove, Billabong, Rip-Curl and Quicksilver!
And he’s designed for some of the biggest names in music, comics and comedians too 😀

With that kind of experience, no wonder our name is National Sportswear

National Sportswear ®
One Name, One Domain™
National Sportswear Incorporated

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