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Welcome to National Sportswear Incorporated
If you are looking for inexpensive or cheap custom t-shirt printing,
we would like to invite you to take a look at samples of the work we've done
over the years for our customers across the country and ar ound the globe.

We've printed for people such as Pope John Paul II, U2, Marvel Comics,
American Heart Association, NASA, The United States Department of Defense,
Yale University, Harvard University, MIT, Berkley, North Western,
Catholic University of America, Snap-On Tools, MacDonalds,
and it would be our honor to serve you too!


At National Sportswear ® the only thing that’s gotten higher over the years is our quality.

Custom t-shirt printing from $1.99 each. T-shirt and printing included.

we ship globally. Go vertical


As one of the first online sportswear decorators,

we’ve maintained a code of ethics and honesty that keeps our customers coming back.


It’s About Our Identity, Our Brand, Our Trademark
and your integrity.

One Name, One Domain™.

We are a 100%

Transparent Company.


National Sportswear ® Authentic, original, and home of the $1.99 custom printed tee.

Founded by Duncan Benedict, one of the youngest Artistists Lisensed by The World Wildlife Fund for his amazingly realistic wildlife art, a top designer in the global surfer/skateboard fashion world and a renown Art Director for one of the World’s largest Music Producers. An avid surfer, skater, snow skier, snowboarder, water skier and artist.

Aloha friends, amigos, amis, fruede, venner,  ystävät, 朋友, 友達, przyjaciele…

I would like to personally welcome you to the real National Sportswear Incorporated and home of the $1.99 custom printed t-shirt!


Why use us?

First and foremost, we listen to your needs. To have been the Art Director for a multi billion dollar music company and a senior designer for a world renown fashion company it takes a specific kind of individual who doesn’t just listen, but can more specifically create what the customer needs and do it all within a tight budget while keeping the integrity and high standards to meet those needs.


National Sportswear ® has printed for people such as Pope John Paul II to The United States Department of Defense, Skateboard retailers to Powerhouse Fortune 500’s. Family events to national convention shows. And we’d be happy to print for you!

Department of Defense Samples


With our Partners world wide and our more then 40 years experience in custom t-shirt printing and art design. We are fully capabable and ready to help you with your next order of custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies or more.


National Sportswear ® thinks outside of the box. Sure, you could go to any other printer or even use an online do it yourself program. But wouldn’t you prefer to have your t-shirts designed by someone who has designed t-shirts that have sold in million dollar record volume?
This is what you get here.


If there was just a single word we’ve learned from our fourty years or more of experience, it is “Flexibility.” From working with our local and global clients designing their custom apparel to designing our own National Sportswear ® brand and service. We’ve held our heads up high, put our best foot forward and will continue the REAL National Sportswear Incorporated tradition… serving you the best way we know how.


Secret of Success

Beleive in your dreams, and never let anyone take it away from you!

When we founded
National Sportswear ®, we incorporated it, we registered our domain name and we Federally Trademarked it too.


Because just as the Wright Brothers were first in flight, we were the first National Sportswear online. Bringing innexpensive t-shirt printing to all four corners of our country.

That’s what makes us National Sportswear, the real National Sportswear ®
and the “only National Sportswear Incorporated.”


It’s our Brand, it’s our Service and it’s our commitment to you.


A United States Corporation and Trademarked brand and service.

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See someone pretending to be us?
Report it!

Report IP Theft


Secret to Success

Follow your dreams. And although they might make you feel like you’re headed for the unknown. Understand that if everyone followed the very same yellow brick road, they’d all end up in the same place.

We are all unique… Go For It.


There’s nothing wrong with having a little attitude. It’s a sure sign of your personality. Show a little, shine a lot.


We are all oppinionated. So, make a statement. It’s those tiny waves that make a tsunami.


When you create something yourself, it’s yours. And no one can take that away from you.

That’s what makes it real.


It’s about integrity and self respect. When you succeed at something that you created yourself, that is “true success.”
That is why I founded National Sportswear ®


Portfolio of our Custom T-Shirt Printing!

Aside from making radically cool and quite inexpensive National Sportswear ® for the world to enjoy, we also enjoy creating cheap custom t-shirt printing ( meaning very inexpensive, but very high in quality) for customers just like you. We have a large selection of brand name sportswear such as Hanes, Jerzees, Gildan, Next Level and others. We’ve printed for people like Pope John Paul II, Congressmen and women, Judges, Polityicians, Comedians like Dane Cook, and Joe Zimmerman, Artists like Stan Lee of Marvel and Dick Culpa (Captain Cartoon) of Cracked Magazine, Big name bands and totally cool bands like U2, Disorderly Conduct, Aliby and Alido Records to wonderful non profit organizations such as Rolling Thunder, American Heart Association, Humane Society, the Red Cross and TIAA CREF as well as schools such as MIT, YALE, Harvard, North Western, UNCC, CAL State, Babson, Florida State ( to mention a very few), Martial arts schools like The Peaceful Dragon, Wing Sun Kung-Fu and Wushu Kung Fu. We could go on and on, but we think you got the idea. These customers don’t come to us because we’re not who we say we are, they come to us because they know the real National Sportswear ® and they unmistakably understand exactly what to expect from us every time.

National Sportswear ® When Second Best Won’t Do!


Client Testimonials

Seriously? If we had to do this, our clients wouldn’t think very highly of us!
It’s a little thing we call dignity and a big thing we call respecting their privacy.

Besides, words are cheap. This is why the saying goes like this…
“A picture paints a thousand words.”

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re being manipulated by search engines again? It’s a bit like a dejasvus, like “Hey, I think I’ve been here before,..

John Doe

Fictiscious Company

Do you sometimes have the feeling that when you see these, it’s some lame company posting fake nonsense? Many of our clients think so too and it’s like “Hey, I think I’ve been here before,..

John Doe

Someweird Company

So, a Muslim, a Catholic, a Jew, a Christian and an Atheist walk into to a bar. And the Bar tender says “Hey, I think I’ve been here before,

John the Bartender

Why so serious?!

Your Cheap Custom T Shirt Printing is only a click away… Get a FREE Quick Quote and be pleasantly surprised 🙂 No Obligations 😉

Make Your State’ment!

There’s nothing wrong with having a little ego or pride, as long as it rubs off onto others.
Make your State’ment ™
National Sportswear ®  Own It™

National Sportswear ® Go For It™ Tee


National Sportswear ® Logo, USA


National Sportswear ® Go For It™ Ladies Tank


National Sportswear ® OWN IT™ Mens Tank


National Sportswear ® I AM™ Kids Hoody


National Sportswear ® OWN IT™ Surfer Tee


National Sportswear ® Basketball Tee


National Sportswear ® Volleytball Tee


Latest News

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So knock yourself out with the latest from National Sportswear ®

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