There's Absolutely Nothing Wrong With

Being The Only One On The Beach

It Simply Means You Get To Own It.


 National Sportswear ® Love Your Beaches, Love Your Streets.


Style, elegance, fashion and your statement to the world. These are but a few reasons you chose National Sportswear ®…


It’s Our Identity. It’s Our Brand. It’s Our Trademark. It’s Our Name. It’s Our Domain. & We Want You To Wear It Proud!


A Brand that makes common sense, National Sportswear ® and one that actually cares.

Founded by Duncan Benedict, one of the youngest Artistists Lisensed by The World Wildlife Fund for his amazingly realistic wildlife art, a top designer in the global surfer/skateboard fashion world and a reknown Art Director for one of the World’s largest Music Producers. An avid surfer, skater, snow skier, snowboarder and water skier. And guy who’s lived in four different countries and speaks in three languages, if you don’t include the native tongue of the lost tribal surfer that is spoken amongst those few who seek the big Makaha.

See Who We Really Are

A few things we’re great at

Foremost is listening to our clients needs and implementing them in a way that is simply second to none. When you are recognized worldwide for your designs, fashion and expertise. You treat every project as though it were an Olympic Gold.


Since National Sportswear ® has printed for everyone from Pope John Paul to The United States Department of Defense, Skateboard retailers to Powerhouse Fortune 500’s. We’re pretty darn sure we can design for you.

Department of Defense Samples

With our Partners world wide, National Sportswear Incorporated has access to an abundance of products, supplies and ideas that bring us forward and beyond.


National Sportswear ® thinks outside of the box. For all it’s worth, we have never been bias, we think for our customers, we save you money, we do nothing less then make you look good. After all, it’s our reputation 🙂 it’s our name National Sportswear ®


If there was just a single thing we’ve learned from our many years of colaboration, it is “Flexibility.” From working with our clients to being attacked by National Sportswear ® wannabes. We’ve held our head up and we’ve simply put our best foot forward.


Secret of Success

Believe in your dreams and go for it. When we began National Sportswear ®, we knew it was an uphill battle (it still is). Building a Brand is never easy. You need to find the zone and go with the flow. As every avid surfer knows, you will never surf if you don’t find the zone. When people see a surfer sitting out there on his board, they usually think how relaxing. Perhaps, but he’s not relaxing, he’s studying the shape and curls of the waves as they approach. The trick is catching the right one. And this mastery comes with experience, not time.


It’s our Brand, it’s our name. One NAME, One DOMAIN ™


Incorporated as our identity , trademarked and registered Domain to protect you… “The Consumer.”

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It’s streetwear, surfwear, urban wear. It’s everywhere!

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Secret to Success

Follow your gut instinct. Sure, it’s a step towards the unknown. But if everyone followed the yellow brick road, they’d all end up in the same place. Your destiny is not located in the middle of a million others.

We are all unique… Go For It.

There’s nothing wrong with having an attitude. It’s a sure sign of your personality. Show a little, shine a lot.


We are all oppinionated. So, make a statement. It’s those tiny waves that make a tsunami.


For centuries the simplest of phrases told the stories. KISS is perhaps the shortest of them all. It means “Keep It Simple Stupid” Not a bad reminder for us designers 🙂


If you wear it you spread it. This is the foundation of what I do. I simply help you make your statement. So go ahead and spread it! National Sportswear ®


Aside from making radically cool and quite inexpensive National Sportswear ® for the world to enjoy, we also create custom t-shirt printing and other custom printing and embroidery on a multitude of other brand named garments such as polos, hoodies, jackets and caps. by makers like Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Anvil, Next Level, Jerzzes and more. These are just some of the many prints we’ve done for customers all over the world. Enjoy!

Client Testimonials

Seriously? If we had to do this, our clients wouldn’t think very highly of us! It’s little thing we call dignity.

Besides, words are cheap. This is why the saying goes like this… “A picture paints a thousand words.”

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re being manipulated by search engines again? It’s a bit like a dejasvus, like “Hey, I think I’ve been here before,..

John Doe

Fictiscious Company

Do you sometimes have the feeling that when you see these, it’s some lame company posting fake nonsense? Many of our clients think so too and it’s like “Hey, I think I’ve been here before,..

John Doe

Someweird Company

So, a Muslim, a Catholic, a Jew, a Christian and an Atheist walk into to a bar. And the Bar tender says “Hey, I think I’ve been here before,

John the Bartender

Why so serious?!

Join us and leave the world behind!

Make Your State’ment!

There’s nothing wrong with showing a little ego or pride. Make your State’ment ™ National Sportswear ®  Go For It ™

National Sportswear ® Go For It™ Tee


National Sportswear ® Logo, USA


National Sportswear ® Go For It™ Ladies Tank


National Sportswear ® OWN IT™ Mens Tank


National Sportswear ® I AM™ Kids Hoody


National Sportswear ® OWN IT™ Surfer Tee


National Sportswear ® Basketball Tee


National Sportswear ® Volleytball Tee


Latest News

Everyone likes a little news once in awhile. (We think.)

So knock yourself out with the latest from National Sportswear ®

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