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Just the lowest prices in the USA.
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Hello, my name is Duncan Benedict and I am the Founder and CEO of National Sportswear ®
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for visiting our website
NationalSportswear.com and let you know that we are here to make your experience
an unforgettable one.
I am very honored to have worked side by side with  some of the biggest names around.
Coca~Cola Inc, McDonalds, The United States Department of Defense, Homeland Security, POW MIA, Hilton Hotels, Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Cruise Lines, Disney, Marvel Comics, Cracked magazine, Boy Scouts of America, American Red Cross, American Heart Association and about 1,000 schools across the nation. ( And the list goes on…)

I am proud to be the grandson of Admiral Lauren McCready “Founder of Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy” & the man who put nuclear power in to our navy!
I can assure you that my foremost objective with National Sportswear Incorporated is to service our clients, people like you, the best way I know how. With honesty, quality and the kind of service you simply won’t find anywhere else.

This is my personal pledge to you.
Duncan Benedict Founder & CEO
National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated

If we can create a brand called National Sportswear ®
and give it a Lifetime Warranty…
Imagine the quality and craftsmanship we will give you.

national sportswear brands

We don’t want you to just jump in and order custom t shirts
or custom embroidery from us,
just because our prices are the best…

Be 100% positive
that National Sportswear ® is the company for you…

View our Portfolio before you decide!

Also view our videos!

Did you know  that our founder and CEO was the senior designer for
L.A. Cool  ( a world renown Surf wear Company) and
the Art Director for one of the largest record companies in the world?

~ He was also the senior designer for the largest holographic company in the world ( K-Laser Technologies)
Where he designed laser holographic designs for companies like Disney & Dragon Ball-Z~

He was the recipient of two Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Awards for helping foster children in the USA
And today through National Sportswear Incorporated, he helps children all over the world.

National Sportswear Incorporated
has become more than just a brand,
we’re An American Tradition

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If it doesn’t say

It’s not National Sportswear ®

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” We take pride in giving you the best for less. Because your success is our success.”
and that’s what makes us…
An American Tradition!

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“If people are willing to copy us, or even be us…

we must be doing something right!”
View our client list, watch our videos and browse our portfolio and look at our
corporate certification and Federal Trademark certification,
than decide if we are the right choice for you.

We carry over 1,000 sportswear brands such as
Hanes, Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Jerzees, District Made, Bella, Nike, Columbia,
Champion and of course our very own brand National Sportswear ®

One of the first custom t shirt printing companies online!
The Brand backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

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Need Custom Embroidery?

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Need Affordable Custom T Shirt Printing?

Check out our Specials!

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Can’t find what you need?
You can request a quote.

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Our BRAND, our LOGO, our NAME

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Some of the brands we do t shirt printing on

Anvil  |  GILDANFRUIT of the LOOM HANES  |

National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated
( That’s us)


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