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From the streets of New York city to the beaches of Los Angeles California. National Sportswear can be found in just about every town in America. However, it’s not our famous brand that inspires those who seek our service. But rather the spirit of what goes into the individual garments that leave our factory. These champions of America are our customers and they know exactly what they want. Therefore, our task is to understand their needs and deliver them. When you want second to none custom printed T-shirts, hoodies, caps, or high end embroidery that is simply unmatched in the United States, we’ll be here for you. Our prices are pretty darn good too!

Every design is unique and we take special care and much pride to get it to look and feel better than you’d expect. After all, we would never send you something we were not proud enough to wear ourselves.

Thousands of products to choose from

Many visitors often ask us, do we print or embroider on more than just T-shirts?
Although it doesn’t seem apparent at first, the answer is yes. We custom decorate many items. Items such as jackets, bags, lanyards and a whole array of products.
Take a look thought our catalog, by clicking the button above to see the many items we carry.
We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
And, if you have any questions or need help, just give us a call.

Custom Embroidery

This example of a custom embroidery shows the fine detail we are able to achieve. We have few limitations. An embroidered piece like this costs as little as $5 based on a specific quantity ordered.

Here are a few more samples we embroidered for a couple of schools and an entertainment company. As you can see, there are a multitude of options available.

National Sportswear school embroidery

This embroidery consists of seven colors and was embroidered on a polo shirt for Kiwi Elementary School. The cost of a piece like this is only about $4 depending on the quantity.
These are a wonderful alternative to screen printing and they look very professional.

Go Bobcats

Humphrey Elementary School is another National Sportswear customer who orders this cute little crest for their students.
It is a five color design and looks very nice on a multitude of colored garments.

National Sportswear Mascot embroidery
National Sportswear custom embroidery

Let your imagination run wild, we’ll do the rest.
This four color embroidery was done for non other than Comics Spotlight. We embroidered this design on caps, polos and jackets.
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Ask us for a Quick Quote on your next order. As a new customer, you’ll receive incredible discounts, timely service and unparalleled quality. In other words, you will receive the very same treatment all of our customers have come to expect from us.

Where are we located?

We have several locations in the United States and we are a registered corporation in all of them.
Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Our corporate name and identity in each state is
“National Sportswear Incorporated.”

Some people know us by this logo

National Sportswear official Logo medium size

While others are more familiar with our oval logo

national sportswear oval logo

The National Sportswear truth

This is because National Sportswear ® is a famous brand of clothing which carries our famous logo, the “Bolt.” And, we are also a brick and mortar online sportswear custom decorating company serving the public coast to coast for all their custom sportswear needs.
If you look closely enough at our blue oval logo, you will notice at the bottom center, is our brand logo as well.
Our philosophy is to maintain a clear transparency about ourselves.
In reality, this not only helps the consumer, but is beneficial to us as well.
After all, what better company to produce your custom apparel than one with experience in the retail line?
You will only come out a winner.
Because the quality in craftsmanship of your custom decorated sportswear by us is 100% driven by the high demand consumers have placed on our retail brand.
This is undeniable

National Sportswear clientele

If you can’t trust their reasoning, who’s will you trust?

As one of the very first custom t-shirt printing and sportswear decorating companies online, we introduced no setup fees, free artwork services &
free shipping across the entire United States of America.
We did this because we wanted to really level the playing field and make it fair for all customers to have the opportunity to buy custom sportswear at an affordable price. After all, before we came along, a customer in the mid west would have paid double the price for their spirit wear than let’s say a customer in Boston or New York. Likewise, this would apply to everyone

“Simply put, we believe in Equal Opportunity.”

Our Federal Trademark National Sportswear ®
Our Corporate identity National Sportswear Incorporated
And naturally, this is our domain

Just a few point

  • 100% American Owned and Operated.
  • Factory Direct
  • Wholesale Prices
  • 1,000 of products
  • Personal Service & Quality
  • First Online
  • Free Shipping in the United States
  • No Artwork, set-up or screen fees
  • Expedited Same day service
  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices in the U.S.A!
  • First Online

We use inks in a much different way than most. While the average printer is just concerned about printing your apparel so that they can get paid. We like to go that little extra mile and find ways that just make your gear look better. 3D puff, glow in the dark, metal flakes, reflective inks, florescent, fades, suede and a few tricks under our sleeves propel us far beyond the average printer. Yes, we’re just different.

Just a user policy

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