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National Sportswear is an American Tradition
founded on two simple principles, honesty and transparency.
A corporation who works hard for you, the environment and our communities.
It’s in  our name, our trademark, website domain and especially our spirit.


We asked our customers to take a selfie
once they received their t shirt order.

This is what they sent us.

Online “do it yourself” programs
have their limits.
We don’t.

When you order from National Sportswear ®
You quickly learn what little surprises
we have in store for you.

As one of the “FIRST” Online
custom t-shirt printing companies.
See what we can do for you!

Over one million served!

From people like Pope John Paul II, The Band U2, Marvel Comics, Cracked Magazine, Hilton Hotels, Carnival Cruise Lines, the X-Flies and many more.

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Getting to know the CEO and Founder of a company
helps you understand what kind of company you are dealing with.

National Sportswear ®
is here to work for you.

Ordering custom sportswear from us is painless.

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People say we create magic
and that’s very nice. Thank You!

Environmentally conscious!
We use biodegradable solutions.

We give back to our communities.
Here at home and abroad.

We don’t really create magic.

We just work diligently to achieve
the best results for you.

From organic apparel to soybean
biodegradable chemicals and recycling.
This is what makes good business.

From Washington D.C. to Africa
National Sportswear has been helping
needed children everywhere.

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Our Brand, Our Name, Our Website, Our Spirit.
National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated
An American Tradition ™

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Don’t forget to check out
the National Sportswear Brand.

We have t-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, hooded sweatshirt and more.
With your town, city and state printed in really nice National Sportswear designs.
We have places like New York, Maine, Vermont, New Jersey, Florida, North and South Carolina,
Alaska, California, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Michigan and every other state in between!
Cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago, Detroit, Brunswick, Hartford!
We’ve got you covered at National Sportswear ®

These are some of the brands National Sportswear ®  carries in stock.

Anvil  |  GILDANFRUIT of the LOOM HANES  |

National Sportswear Incorporated
is founded on the American principals of equality.
We are a Woman owned and multi-ethnic corporation.
An American Tradition ™