National Sportswear in Africa

National Sportswear in Africa

villages of Africa


National Sportswear in Africa

National Sportswear in Africa

We help Villages in Africa

You don’t need to look in your backyard to try to find the places we’ve gone to help.

Every year we go across the great ponds to help our neighboring countries through volunteers like you and we donate what we can to help where we can.

We’re not a big company, but we do have a big heart.
And we can see where others have even less then us.
So by doing what we can, we hope others will follow
and together we can put an end to poverty, hunger and disease.

We don’t need to sit back and wait for big companies or governments
with their red tape and sole purposes of self promotions.

If we all stand together, we can be bigger then the biggest.
And we can accomplish so much more in less time.



So if you are helping children in Africa or victims in Nepal.
You know you have a friend here at National Sportswear who
is willing to help, even if it’s in a little way.

Because a lot of little’s eventually becomes a big!

National Sportswear Africa

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