Letter from our CEO

national sportswear founder and ceo letter from our ceoHello friend and thank you for visiting!

My name is Duncan Benedict and I am the “Original” Founder and CEO of National Sportswear ® which is National Sportswear Incorporated.
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for visiting our website NationalSportswear.com and let you know that we are here to make your experience the best one that you can have.

I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize all those CEO’s and Founders of all the previous National Sportswear Incorporated companies that existed prior to us. Although I began National Sportswear in and around 1999, there were some companies who had the name prior but since have desolved their companies. Making mine, National Sportswear Incorporated the only one left and still in full operation. I believe credit is worth giving where credit is due and I hope I can serve these previous founders by continuing the name and building National Sportswear Inc. to new and exiting heights.

First and foremost a simple but rather long Thank You!

I would like to thank Mr Douglas E Boernemann CEO of National Sportswear Inc. in Texas for his encouraging words and support when we spoke on the telephone. National Sportswear Incorporated in Texas was founded by Mr Boernemann over 32 years ago, in 1984. Douglas had offered me his company in good faith because he understood my compassion and drive to continue the good name. He is a gentleman and a scholar and will always be remembered and honored here at National Sportswear Incorporated. I wish him good health and happiness in his retirement. Thank you Douglas!

Next, is National Sportswear Company in Wisconsin. They began in 1973 and since have performed a voluntary withdraw. In other words, voluntarily dissolved the company. We don’t know much about this company other than it was a foreign corporation. We are still doing some research and will post it as we receive it. For what ever efforts and bad luck they might have had, they still deserve recognition in our National Sportswear Hall of Fame 🙂

Next, is National Sportswear Incorporated in New York, filed on March 15, 1994. National Sportswear Incorporated was located on Broadway in New York city. We are still doing research on them to let you know what they did. However, we do know that they were disolved through inactive Disolution by Proclamation.

And lastly, National Sportswear Incorporated of Oklahoma; May 1, 1970. The three principal owners on record were Daniel Draper, Karen Lemon, and Ronald Lemon. The company has since dissolved by Otc Suspension.

And that is it for “all” the National Sportswear Incorporated corporations on record (at least in the United States.

As for National Sportswear Incorporated today?

We are incorporated in four states (and growing). Our main facility now resides in North Carolina on Duncan Road and our Headquarters in Ballantyne Charlotte.

Prior to founding National Sportswear Incorporated, I had some wonderful positions in some great companies. I consider myself lucky to have worked with some of the greatest people I know for whom still remain my close friends and even mentors. One of my positions was Art Director for one of the largest record producing companies in the USA and perhaps the world. I’ve had the great honor of working side by side with some of the most experienced people in the industry. From Musicians and artists to CEO’s of billion dollar corporations. People such as Jack Stahl of Coca~Cola Corporation, Lloy Mishimira of Denon ( who used to be my boss… Hey Lloyd!) Ben Hogan of Ben Hogan Golf, Suzanne Summers (yes, the Actress), Tom Cochrane and Red Rider ( Hey Tom), Alice Cooper (thank you for the kind words in NiteMoves Alice!). I also had the great pleasure of being the senior designer for the largest 3D holographic imagery company in the world (K-Laser Technologies) and whom I still remain friends with today( Hey Alex and Daniel) who’s mother is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. There, I had an incredible opportunity of working side by side with companies from the USA to Japan. Companies like Walt Disney, Dragon Ball-Z, Microsoft and Visa to name a few.

My experience didn’t stop there.

Among those jobs, I had also worked for a few surfwear and tourism companies where I designed surfwear and ( you guessed it) t shirts for retailers and companies around the world.
You can still find my designs being sold today in places like Japan, Australia and California.
If you’re an avid surfer like me and you know your surfer geography, you might really enjoy this…
My brothers and I were the very first surfers to surf in Quepos Costa Rica.
That’s were I not only learned to surf, but had my first contact with a seven foot tiger shark.
Today, Quepos is a surfers hot spot paradise… Thanks Mom & Dad!

Like all surfers, I never stopped at the ocean’s edge.
I’m a self taught snow skier who loves to hot dog black diamonds, moguls and the back faces of places like Blackcomb, Whistler, Mount Washington and Mount Baker and as for Mount St Hellens…forget it! Too much of a bang for me!

For the past couple of decades


My wife and I have worked very hard 24-7 to bring our company
National Sportswear ®  to it’s rightful place on the national and international stage via the electronic highway and just good old fashion hard work.
And finally, I would like to thank you and all of our customers for believing in us and our company National Sportswear Incorporated. Some of these people, companies and organizations (not in order of importance) are Coca~Cola Inc, McDonalds, The United States Department of Defense, Homeland Security, POW MIA, Hilton Hotels, Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Cruise Lines, Disney, Marvel Comics, Cracked magazine, Boy Scouts of America, American Red Cross, American Heart Association, Indian Motorcycles and about 1,000 or so schools across the nation, non profits and religious organizations.
Over the years we’ve seen some customers come and go and I would like to especially dedicate this page to Mr Bill Kelly of the Boy Scouts of America who recently left us all. He was a great man who did so much for the Boy Scouts and to you Mr Kelly “You will never be forgotten, we love you.”
I would also like to thank some of our other customers who reside in other countries who’ve helped us so much in paving our way forward. This goes out to you… The Embassy of Taiwan and the Vice President for your kind words about our company (thank you Mei!), the Children’s Theater Association of Japan for their inspiration, Guillian Anderson of the X-Files for what she has done for so many around the world, The Red Cross for all their help, the Humane Society and what they do for those without a voice. There are so many others and I wish I could list them all here, I do think of you too.


This letter is simply my deep appreciation

And it’s to all those who helped National Sportswear Incorporated pave the way to where we are today. Including those who founded the National Sportswear Inc.’s of yesterday. Cheers.
My guarantee to you is simple, I will continue to strive for what is right and we will continue to do our part to help communities around the world.
We work for you. We work within your budget. We do what no other company does. We work from the heart.

I founded National Sportswear Incorporated from the ground up.
I did not inherit it, so our skills are genuine.

As the proud grandson of Admiral Lauren McCready, Founder of Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy & the man who outfitted the first nuclear powered merchant ship  in the world; “The Savannah.”
I can assure you that my foremost objective with National Sportswear Incorporated is to service you and it begins and ends with one simple word that was taught to me by my Grandfather, “honesty.”


We have always been National Sportswear Incorporated.
Naturally we own the Federal Trademark National Sportswear ®
And to keep it simple, it’s the “only” name we’ve ever used.
So when you visit
You’ll know it’s
National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated

Honesty, quality and the kind of service you simply won’t find anywhere else.
So now, you can decide.

Again, thank you for visiting us!
Duncan Benedict Founder & CEO
National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated

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My message to them is simple… Price your jobs on your own abilities, not ours.

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This was a letter from our CEO and Founder of National Sportswear Incorporated
Please do not copy content from this page, it has been recorded with archival sites for future referencing.
And it’s content in whole or part maybe copyright 2000 – 2016 by Duncan Benedict
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